Psychic Energy Update | Solar Storms Happening Bringing In Ascension Energy Symptoms!

Blessings Everyone,

Solar Storms are arriving and will be exploding over the next few days to become even stronger. Solar wind is rising as an ejection leaves the Sun.

Right now the symptoms are :


  • Not being able to sleep

  • Feeling fuzzy brained

  • Feeling foggy brained

  • Overly tired

  • Strange aches and pains all over the body

  • Forgetful








Remember all solar storms are different and there is no set symptoms that happen every time, sometimes common symptoms occur and sometimes not.

I will update in the next days with any new symptoms that take place. This is why as an energy expert I always know what is taking place:)

Rest and go into nature:)

Ground..  watch my you tube video.. (Grounding For Ascension ) to know the correct technique and to get the maximum benefits.


Grounding will always help with any ascension symptoms and is good for many things including balancing your energy back with the Earths  and becoming one with the Creator but you must do it the right way for it to be effective.

Drink water and fresh juices.

Love Diane


Blessings Everyone, 

We have very high solar wind today and last night up in the 600’s / normal is around 250. Also some geomagnetic storms going along with these high winds. 

This wreaks havoc on our physical body causing sleepless periods last night. I only slept a few hours and got up to see what was going on checking space weather. When we have solar storms and geomagnetic storms this is one of the first things I check.


You may have have also felt out of your body today, extremely tired and not with it… in other words… checked out. 

 You may have a woozy type feeling as if your not completely grounded.

These are all signs of evolving past the human stage of development. 

Many of you reading this have heard me talking about this for over a decade now and yes I am an very much aligned with all energy in the Universe as a psychic and energy expert. 

Let’s keep a close eye on this space weather the next few days. 

Love Diane 

P.S. What are we evolving to ? Many ask me this question. We are evolving to galactic beings with higher consciousness. 

Check out my new event on the Solstice coming up in a few days below… just a limited amount of days to join now… 

Blessings Everyone,

Today we  transition into the return of Pluto energy into the USA.. This also took place on July 4th 1776 when the United States Of America was formed as a perfect union of states. We all know much has taken place since that time. The forefathers warned us…

A republic, if you can keep it.” What does this mean? It means anything formed in light (as the USA was }will be difficult to hang onto. 


Pluto is the planet of death and rebirth and rules the sign of Scorpio. That being said it is the planet of transformation and with intense looking within to find the secrets to all things hidden. Pluto is the The Lord of the underworld, all things hidden and in secret.

Pluto is the ruler of power which includes power struggles between people and countries. This also goes for one’s own personal power especially when one has lost their power.

The energy of Pluto returns when perfectly capable people end up under the thumb of someone else’s control.( Does this sound familiar ? )

Pluto returns in the sign of Capricorn which governs systems and stability. What does this mean ? It means Pluto is about to show us all things hidden in these systems and breaks these systems wide open. This is not only in governments but also within ourselves.


We are in a huge state of transformation now world wide brought about by transition and change. Brought about by the AWAKENING process and many now holding more light.

As WE humans wake up and hold more light, this affects every living thing including the darkness.  As more light comes in to every human, darkness then rears its ugly head and tries again to take control.

In the awakening of human consciousness we have now reached a brand new level where the all out battle begins… what will reign? darkness or light ? who will win ?

Light always wins !

The balance always has to be maintained between the two until a point is reached that then darkness is no longer needed to sustain and create polarity with light.

This is the point we as humanity are now reaching.

Millions on the planet have awakened  in a very short time and millions continue to wake up each day … as more darkness is brought to the light.

Expect this  transition of Pluto to last into next year. We are in a very delicate time in the USA and world wide.

Psychic Knowing

This next year will be one of incredible awakening. Many are now coming into light. Many truths are being revealed for all to see. The darkness is no longer hiding but in plain sight for everyone to see.

There will be massive transitions in personal lives of everyone on the planet as the Pluto energy will spread out to all humans planet wide. Many will be shocked at the things they learn have gone on behind the scenes making it easier to awaken even more. This is taking place now. I am even shocked at how many are now awakening.

The New Psychic Earth and the new way of being will start to become to the forefront for everyone as they realize this planet can be a beautiful orb and oneness with nature and all that is.

New laws will start to be created and a new life will take place for many.

Compassion and love will come more to forefront. Leaders will emerge out of nowhere as everyday citizens begin to make their voices heard.

Psychic abilities will increase with awakening.

Becoming one with the Universe and The Creator helps to access one’s own psychic power. The more psychic someone is the more they have access to all information in the Universe / not the limited version that is out there.

The more information they can access the more the puzzle pieces fit together as to what is happening behind the scenes. This then gives them an edge that is needed to traverse other realms and other dimensions. I can see this happening as the evolution process goes into high gear.

Are you ready to become more psychic? you must face your fears… and Pluto’s return helps with this because all darkness is brought to the forefront.

Pluto enters Aquarius next year… this will be the time of rebuilding and reshaping of the world the way we want it…..




Blessings Everyone,


  • Full moon on December 19th 

  • December 12/12 portal opening 3/3/3

  • Meteor shower December 13th and 14th

  • New GALACTIC Timelines Appearing 

  • December 21st Solstice Portal Opening 3/3/3

We are right in the middle now of a new timeline opening and a new galactic portal opening. The last time we had this amount of heightened energy was in 2012 when we entered a new timeline. We are now entering a new timeline again. The galactics are very much involved in the raising of these timelines and bringing in new energy. 

Some can feel these upgrades happening almost every day now. Have you noticed many days now of extreme fatigue and loopy brain ? This is why. The human body system has to go on low auto pilot to be able to assimilate these massive upgrades that are occuring.

Its time now to go on low key and take care of one’s self. Be careful of burn out and exhaustion as this is happening right during the Christmas season when so much is expected of us.

The 3/3/3 energy comes in all month long/ the 3/ 3 /3 means you are on the right path and a new path is opening up for you. This is the new path of the new timeline.  The 3/3/3 is also the galactic timeline as everything in the Universe is made of threes. 

New Timelines have appeared spontaneously since the beginning of time culminating now in the Ascension Event. As new timelines come in and appear we have to step into them to be able to complete our ascension process. 

The darkness we see is  only the opposite to the ascension process and must be shown to us before we can reach our full ascension. We will see these extremes now as a sign we are getting closer. 

We need to stay focused now on the new timelines appearing so we do not miss any of the markers we are to grab onto. This means giving our full attention to energy when the energy upgrades come in. 

I regularly post about this upgrades so it is best to understand how these upgrades are tied into new timelines. The new timelines appear after the upgrades, during the integration process. We should not be missing this important step into ascension. 

Be sure and join my event below capture these upgrades/new timelines coming in…. 



Blessings Everyone,

We have been in the Eclipse portal of Nov 19 to Dec 4th.  these last few weeks. During this high energy period we have been experiencing massive ascension| awakening symptoms.



Here are some you may have experienced…







I have had some days including yesterday I could barely move due to the intense tiredness that is occurring… 

I have been experiencing time shifts almost continuously for the past month. This is due to the changing timelines we are now in. This will continue. This is when you feel time is either moving too slow or too fast. 

What you feel and how intense it is will depend on how far along you are in the ascension process and also tuned in you are to your feelings and energy.

This is very important because with out these higher awareness and awakened attributes you may feel nothing and think that nothing is going on when in fact there is so much going on energy wise around everyone all the time.

For instance in the psychic world we are always surrounded by spirits but many people are unaware of this.

So if you can not feel energy you will not be able to sense spirits either.



Eclipses are always about new beginnings…

This is exciting because I predicted we are entering new beginnings about a month ago. As a psychic, I can feel this new beginning already starting. The eclipse portal accelerates this..

This month is very high energy all month long.. Here are the key dates to pay attention to;


  • 12-4 NEW MOON

  • 12-12 PORTAL OPENS through 12-21

  • 12-18 FULL MOON

  • 12-21 SOLSTICE



Profound change and transformation is occurring for everyone this month, not just the sign of Sagittarius. Hence my prediction of new beginnings for everyone, We are in the deep change portal right now…

Psychically I do not see this ending in December, I see it continuing through next year. I feel humanity is entering a great change of awakening right now, similar to 2012 but as a different level of awareness.

All truths are now being brought forward for everyone to see for themselves. The cover of darkness no longer exists. The massive light we are in and we hold is too strong now for the darkness to hide…

 I call this new beginnings for a reason because this is what was shown to me and this is what it feels like…. brand new beginnings… hold on.. 

Self love is so important moving forward. Put yourself first now through this month and pay attention to what you are feeling, this is the most important thing you can do… and continue to do this through to next year…

More to come soon.. 

Love Diane


 Blessings Everyone,

We are now at the very beginning of a NEW Timeline. This timeline is one of peace, joy and new Earth.

To join this timeline all we need to do is see this in our minds eye, our third eye. Focus on New Earth where everything is at peace and working as one. Harmony and LOVE abound on the entire planet. This is the timeline coming in, this is the new timeline we are creating.

I felt this timeline the night of the Eclipse on November 19th. I felt a huge wave flow through me of love, peace and joy. It’s  incredible to be able to feel these shifts in consciousness as I do.  The Creator has gifted me with being able to feel these for decades.

As I am one with the  Divine Creator, the Creator of all things has destined this new timeline and made me aware of it’s coming in the form of feeling it along with the love that exists inside of it. A portal opened for me to see inside. The Creator communicates with all of us, all we need to do is become one and then listen and feel.  The more you are in touch with your feelings, the more you will be able to communicate with the Divine Creation of all things.

With all of the upgrades happening in November and December this year… this catapultes and cements the new reality in place.

This timeline is for everyone, not just a few.

All negativity is removed from this new way of being. Only positive feelings and one with the Creator exist.

The lower timeline we have been on was never going to last. This was a temporary way of being to be able to reach more people and bring more people into higher awareness and the light.

We have had a glimpse of this lower timeline and it is not what we have chosen for ourselves and our loved ones.

The lower timeline is disintegrating right before our eyes.

Picture the disintegration and instead see the new timeline of peace , harmony and love to bring it fully into fruition. The more awakened souls do this technique the faster the timeline can fully come in.

I see the new timeline for myself, it is pure joy and love to behold. Christed Consciousness inhabits every being on the planet.

Two opposing timelines can not exist on the planet for long and this is what has been happening for the last year.

Now it is time to bring the timeline in that is waiting for all of us and is our destiny.



Blessings Everyone,

Higher upgrades to our consciousness are coming in. These upgrades have been coming in the entire week with my last article about the X and M class flares wiping everyone out a few days ago.

Now we have more flares, very high solar wind at almost 600 ( normal is around 250 to 300) and Geo Magnetic storms caused from the solar wind and flares.

How does this bring us upgrades and downloads many ask me ? This is because when you wake up to higher consciousness we become super sensitive and can FEEL all of these that are taking place. While they many times have uncomfortable symptoms, they also bring in higher consciousness aspects.

While many are confused about what actually brings in higher consciousness, flares, high solar wind and, geo-storms are always in this category. There are many other ways to reach higher consciousness but that will come later.

The more sensitive we become the more we become ONE WITH ALL THINGS  in the Universe. This will include the Central Sun and our own Sun that these storms come from. The more we become one with all things in the Universe, the more we have access to the life giving Creator of all things. It is through and with the light giving Creator that we then become Creators and manifestors ourselves.

Here are some of the symptoms you may be feeling at this moment: ( we can not generalize about symptoms they are always unique )

  • Agitated
  • Overly  Tired
  • Intense and Psychic Dreams
  • Nausea

Love Diane


Blessings Everyone,

We have some strong X and M flares making their way to us today… These came in back to back bring intense downloads and upgrades. Some of the symptoms you may be experiencing…

  • Extreme Fatigue
  • Extreme Loopy Brain
  • Extreme Thirst

These are upgrades given to us by the SUNour own energy source. We must make full use of these upgrades and not fight them but instead accept them and merge with them. 

Grounding/ becoming one with nature will help you to solidify these upgrades as they come in…drinking plenty of water and meditating… 

Stay tuned
Love Diane