Galactic Portal Opening -December 12th Through December 21st

Blessings Everyone,


  • Full moon on December 19th 

  • December 12/12 portal opening 3/3/3

  • Meteor shower December 13th and 14th

  • New GALACTIC Timelines Appearing 

  • December 21st Solstice Portal Opening 3/3/3

We are right in the middle now of a new timeline opening and a new galactic portal opening. The last time we had this amount of heightened energy was in 2012 when we entered a new timeline. We are now entering a new timeline again. The galactics are very much involved in the raising of these timelines and bringing in new energy. 

Some can feel these upgrades happening almost every day now. Have you noticed many days now of extreme fatigue and loopy brain ? This is why. The human body system has to go on low auto pilot to be able to assimilate these massive upgrades that are occuring.

Its time now to go on low key and take care of one’s self. Be careful of burn out and exhaustion as this is happening right during the Christmas season when so much is expected of us.

The 3/3/3 energy comes in all month long/ the 3/ 3 /3 means you are on the right path and a new path is opening up for you. This is the new path of the new timeline.  The 3/3/3 is also the galactic timeline as everything in the Universe is made of threes. 

New Timelines have appeared spontaneously since the beginning of time culminating now in the Ascension Event. As new timelines come in and appear we have to step into them to be able to complete our ascension process. 

The darkness we see is  only the opposite to the ascension process and must be shown to us before we can reach our full ascension. We will see these extremes now as a sign we are getting closer. 

We need to stay focused now on the new timelines appearing so we do not miss any of the markers we are to grab onto. This means giving our full attention to energy when the energy upgrades come in. 

I regularly post about this upgrades so it is best to understand how these upgrades are tied into new timelines. The new timelines appear after the upgrades, during the integration process. We should not be missing this important step into ascension. 

Be sure and join my event below capture these upgrades/new timelines coming in…. 



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