Psychic Energy Update | Solar Storms Happening Bringing In Ascension Energy Symptoms!

Blessings Everyone,

Solar Storms are arriving and will be exploding over the next few days to become even stronger. Solar wind is rising as an ejection leaves the Sun.

Right now the symptoms are :


  • Not being able to sleep

  • Feeling fuzzy brained

  • Feeling foggy brained

  • Overly tired

  • Strange aches and pains all over the body

  • Forgetful








Remember all solar storms are different and there is no set symptoms that happen every time, sometimes common symptoms occur and sometimes not.

I will update in the next days with any new symptoms that take place. This is why as an energy expert I always know what is taking place:)

Rest and go into nature:)

Ground..  watch my you tube video.. (Grounding For Ascension ) to know the correct technique and to get the maximum benefits.


Grounding will always help with any ascension symptoms and is good for many things including balancing your energy back with the Earths  and becoming one with the Creator but you must do it the right way for it to be effective.

Drink water and fresh juices.

Love Diane