Massive Solar Storms Incoming And Intense Flares For 3 Days Cause Energy Symptoms In Humans !

Blessings Everyone,

We are being bombarded with life changing space weather the past 3 days.

I predicted the solar storms would be arriving in my last report a few days ago and here they are today. Very intense and causing massive symptoms.

Symptoms  Include :

  • No Sleep ( I barely slept last night )

  • Very Hot

  • Intense Thirst

  • Vivid Dark Dreams

  • Eye Pain

  • Breathing Issues

The flares have been in the High M class for the past 3 days. Today the massive solar storms started. As advanced humans we can feel this energy as it arrives and many times before it does. The more tuned in you are with energy and nature the more you will feel.

The solar wind that causes the storms is very high and will continue to rise.

Many new psychic insights can come in during this time and the puzzle pieces of your life may fall together as we have more access to the information in the akashic records in the higher realms.

This is a good time to put on your psychic cap and tune into things going on around  you as well as mediate for new psychic insights.

Creativity flourishes  also during these times of high energy as focus becomes higher.

I will update everyone as we go through this.. be sure and join my newsletter here to receive all of my psychic insights, experiences  and energy reports !

Love Diane