High Solar Winds And Solar Storms Bring In Symptoms Of Evolving


Blessings Everyone, 

We have very high solar wind today and last night up in the 600’s / normal is around 250. Also some geomagnetic storms going along with these high winds. 

This wreaks havoc on our physical body causing sleepless periods last night. I only slept a few hours and got up to see what was going on checking space weather. When we have solar storms and geomagnetic storms this is one of the first things I check.


You may have have also felt out of your body today, extremely tired and not with it… in other words… checked out. 

 You may have a woozy type feeling as if your not completely grounded.

These are all signs of evolving past the human stage of development. 

Many of you reading this have heard me talking about this for over a decade now and yes I am an very much aligned with all energy in the Universe as a psychic and energy expert. 

Let’s keep a close eye on this space weather the next few days. 

Love Diane 

P.S. What are we evolving to ? Many ask me this question. We are evolving to galactic beings with higher consciousness. 

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