More Flares Causing More Geomagnetic Storms Coming


Blessings Everyone,

More space weather is happening causing upgrades to our ascension. Major flares have been happening the past 3 days and may continue. You can see these on the chart below.  This will cause geo storms to go into affect later tonight with solar wind rising. All space weather causes upgrades in consciousness. Watch for these upgrades as the geo storms kick in. I will update as these storms kick in.

GEOMAGNETIC STORM WATCH: Minor G1-class geomagnetic storms are possible starting later today, Aug. 28th, when a CME is expected to graze Earth’s magnetic field. It was hurled into space just yesterday by active sunspot AR3088. A high-speed stream of solar wind may be following close behind the CME. Its arrival on Aug. 29th could boost storm levels to category G2.

ANOTHER STRONG SOLAR FLARE: Departing sunspot AR3088 just unleashed another strong solar flare, an M6.7-class explosion shown here in an extreme ultraviolet image from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory: The flare is pictured below:

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