Intense Solar Flares Arrive Today Bringing In Uplifted Psychic Energy

Blessings Everyone,

Two High M Class flares just arrived with possible solar storms on the way. Solar wind in rising making storms possible.

I felt these flares kick in bringing in uplifting energy this morning. You may feel more at one with the universe and have more psychic senses heightened.

I had a RUSH of psychic knowing when I first got out of bed this morning !

There are only certain energy events which can make humans feel uplifted and more tuned in with the Universe and Geomagnetic Storms and Flares are two of these things.

I have been posting about these events for over a decade now and  only certain energy events creates uplifted energy and many do not.

Pay attention to how you feel the next few days  as you will have more access to psychic insights right now.

A good day to mediate and go deeper within yourself to make progress.

Love Diane