October-Moving Frequencies, Attaining More Light



October-Moving Frequencies, Attaining More Light

By Diane Canfield

September came in with a bang and the energies that were brought in with WAVE X are still here. These waves are more subtle than in the past as I have talked about in my other articles. These are waves of higher awareness. Each wave brings us closer to our authentic self and who we really are. Each wave breaks down more of the matrix so we can see the truth of what is taking place and what has gone on. As we align with the TRUTH, we then align even more with our higher selves and Christ Ascending Consciousness.

The Gap

There exists A GAP now as these waves come in. The ones who have committed to the ascension process versus the ones who have not joined the party yet. With some we can see this gap widely. With others, the gap is smaller and even though they may not outwardly have joined ascension there is still common ground. Some of this happens because as we raise our consciousness we see the best version of some of the people. We no longer have to lower our vibration all the time now to talk to a person still in the Matrix. We now can find common ground with everyone yet we are aware there is still a gap to contend with. We are more compassionate now when faced with the gap in consciousness.

Higher Awareness

This higher awareness of New Wave frequencies takes us to places we could not have imagined in the past. We now think back to the past and wonder, was that really me that lived that life? Why didn’t I handle things differently? It seems bizarre to think back and remember the person we used to be. It seems so long ago and in a different reality, not this one. We have elevated to a new awareness now as the higher frequencies continue to bombard us with New Light Waves.


Our waking moments have taken on a dream like quality to them. Everything is possible in dreams and now in our waking life, it seems the same way. It is similar to having a lucid dream where we get to control the dream and manifest the best outcome for us. All of our dreams can now come true. We now have the reality upon us, that with inspired action we can manifest our dreams.

Now Moment in Time

As I said earlier, it seems like the person that we were in the past is not us anymore. This is happening because we are accelerating NOW into the moment of now. Now is all there is. What does it mean to be fully in the moment of Now? It means the past and future do not exist and all we have is the present moment. We are not upset over anything in the past because we have done the inner work required and eliminated the karma attached to our past experiences with others. To be fully in the present moment also means we do not multi task. If we are talking to someone we put everything else aside and give that person our full attention. This is the way of the higher realms, to show gratitude and respect for others beings. When we are in the NOW moment we are focused on only that moment and what it will bring into our awareness and how it can expand and lift us. 

What we are feeling now

We now are going through upgrades that are unlike the upgrades of the past. It is like a jet taking off, we are reaching higher dimensions each day but are not necessarily in much pain over it. Walking in two worlds is how it can be described. Many introspections are still taking place to release past karma. Understanding why someone behaved the way they did in the past and having compassion for them instead of blame. Accessing Claircognizance  more and more, inner knowing about things in the past, present and future.

Here are my suggestions and the intel I am getting to pass on to everyone to make this ride easier:

  • Eat a lot of plant food. Organic. Incorporate it into your meals if you are not used to eating it. You can add vegetables to any meal including noodles and it adds clean flavor, nutrition and LIGHT to your food.
  • Ground everyday, with bare feet to the ground, it is not enough now to walk around in bare feet outside or to garden.
  • Drink lots of water to keep hydrated, I notice dehydration now sets in very quickly with our increased frequency. Get plenty of iron and protein in your food, spinach and beans are good choices.
  • Look for and notice any strange events happening. For instance I noticed a metal plate on a door in our house that was not there before. My daughter brought this to my attention. It is on a office room that is now used for storage. I have been in and out of that room and looked at that door a thousand times yet never saw this metal piece that juts out. These are signs of changing timelines. I now exist in the timeline with the door with metal. I am seeing mists now everywhere. My eyes are so blurry these days it is hard to see anything on my computer. These are all signs of upgrades in frequency and building the light body for the higher dimensions. DNA changes.
  • Pay attention to all the small things that happen. Everything important is always in the details. Work to increase your awareness and become super aware with every interaction and every place you go. Go into observer mode and just watch the Universe around you unfold. When we are in this state everyday we become part of the unfolding harmony and we work with the Source with no resistance.

My feet have been very hot and can range from freezing cold to hot. This is mostly the soles of the feet. Heart racing and heart palpitations are back again. This can be very annoying when trying to sleep and we feel our heart racing. Sleep has been sparse and more energy on the rise. With more light comes more energy and bliss.

Light Body

As we move further into the transformation of the light body, our physical bodies will indeed feel more LIGHT. Light in the physical sense, less dense and heavy and light in the spiritual sense as if we are floating on air. There are many others in the light body dimensions that exist in 5D and above. Many Star beings exist in these dimensions as we will. We will take our place among them, as it is meant to be.


As we progress into the light body, there is more bliss to be felt. I notice now the bliss comes more often. This is how anything starts, it starts slowly and then builds. The bliss is no different. We will soon be in a state of bliss perpetually. The 3D issues will seem like a far away land that we do not deal with anymore. Indeed it is already starting !

We have now reached the middle of the Ascension process and are coming in for the home stretch. We will continue to feel increases in energy and symptoms of these increases. The more sensitive a person is, the more they will feel the waves, download and upgrades. To increase sensitivity, work to get out of 3D matrix thinking. This dumbs down our awareness and sensitive nature. The more we can honor our feelings, the more we can make progress within our higher selves and soul.

I love you all!
Diane Canfield
Ascension Teacher-Psychic Clairvoyant Medium -Star Races Face to Face Contactee
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