October Waves Arriving, Embodying 5th Dimensional Consciousness


October Waves Arriving

By Diane Canfield

New October Waves 

The last few nights the Waves have been coming in fiercely. Last night we experienced 3 waves back to back. They are coming in one right after the next.  They are coming in late, 2 to 3 am EST. These waves differ from the waves of the past and especially going all the way back to 2011 when the frequency jumped to a new level. These waves are much smoother.

As these waves hit, it can sometimes feel like we are about to fall over from the impact. If we are sitting down there is a verifiable pushing sensation that takes place. Dizziness can accompany them as we are building our light body from the inside out. We are also experiencing less sleep and intense dreams in astral.

The waves hit and my whole body feels them as they hit not only physically but also in my consciousness. They are waves of LIGHT to upgrade us all. The more light we hold, the more we are connected to light, the more sensitive we will be to the waves. Doing the inner work and removing 3D programming is paramount to being able to feel the waves in the ascension process.

As our bodies turn into light, crystalline light bodies, we become more sensitive to light in all ways. The sun many days now seems too bright. We can see the light and dark in others. Light is Truth and Love, darkness is the absence of truth and love.

The Bliss waves also come in more now. Now we have days and days of pure bliss. This started around September 28th and continues. When these waves hit, we are in a higher elevation and many times we feel like we are floating above the earth and not in our bodies fully. The truth is we are not fully in our bodies. We are now more and more embodying our LIGHT Bodies.

Prepare For More Truth 

Many will be shocked when they learn the truth that has been hidden. They will then not be able to understand how they could not have seen it before. Yet they couldn’t have. It takes more light to see more truth. As expanded consciousness takes place, more truth will be revealed. Bypass any blame for not knowing sooner what the truth was, there was no way to know. Self love accelerates this process of merging with truth and accumulating more LIGHT.

Third Eye Manifestations 

As the waves hit these past few nights I experienced third eye manifestations.  This has happened to me once before when intense waves hit and it is always a sign to me we are changing frequencies.   My eyes were shut and I was going to sleep, I saw images coming to my third eye. This was like a slot machine rolling in my mind, then stopping and a new face would appear. This lasted a short time and then stopped. This is not like seeing images in your third eye during meditation. I was actually trying to go to sleep. The other time this happened the images did not go away all night long.  Imagine your eyes are closed and yet all the activity of real life is going on within your eyes.

As we become more light, the others that have not accepted the light yet remain in the shadows. You may feel uncomfortable around these beings as your light increases. You can immediately feel the difference in light. Some of them will lash out and want to extinguish the light they see in you. Do not let them. Stand your ground and stand up for the progress you have made. Do not let others still in the dark take away  the work and evolvement that you have worked so hard  to accomplish. Be a model for the light to show others still in the dark what it is like. Now more than ever, as the gap widens, we must bring as many with us into the light as we can. We do this by embodying more light and manifesting positive outcomes for all. Our compassion is at a new level so this makes it much easier to now see the complete picture of what is going on.

The waves are taking us more and more into 5th dimensional consciousness. This means we can enjoy the higher dimensional planes of awareness and travel in the light body. In the past, to get to the higher planes a being would have to pass on to the higher realms. With the new light we are now able to do this without passing on. This is the beauty of the Ascension process.

 5th Dimensional Consciousness

When we embody 5th dimensional consciousness, we embody all higher awareness attributes. This means things that happen to us we will react differently than we would have in 3D mindset and consciousness.

If someone throws  darkness our way, we do not accept it. We clear our energy and move on, not engaging in any 3D situations. We do not engage in 3D gossip. We do not act in self destructive ways, we mirror self love to others, so they too can manifest this for themselves. We are strong and empowered beings of light.

Everyday is a new day to empower ourselves with more abilities and more 5D ways of being. We take personal responsibility for our lives and where we are, letting go of blame and accusations. We do not seek revenge. We work on our karma in every interaction, not wanting to create more to have to then release later.

This LIGHT is about empowerment, truth and love. We love ourselves enough to notice when we are not self loving and make the necessary adjustments. We are attracted to and attract others who are self loving. In this way we are part of our own soul group of kind, loving, responsible, beings of light. This is 5th dimensional ways of being. To interact with others and love them for their differences.

Where We  Are Heading 

We are ascending. We are in the middle of the process and now reaching a peak in energies. These energies will continue as more and more look to join this process. The ascension process is open to everyone. It does not matter what work has been done in the past on oneself. Everyone can join and the energies now accelerate the inner work needed to embody more light. The waves are increasing, as I mentioned they would continue into October in my previous articles.

How To Embody More Light 

Catch yourself in any situations when you are not being authentic and slipping back into 3D programmed ways of behaving and interacting. As we catch ourselves it then becomes easier to catch it sooner rather than after the fact. Work to search for truth. Truth is the Creator, so look to merge with the Creator’s energy of Truth and Love. Look to love yourself in every situation. Make your needs a high priority and do not let others act as if your needs don’t matter. Act in self loving ways and mirror this to others, so they too can become more self loving. Self love is not a door mat. To be self loving means we stand up for ourselves when we are not being treated in a loving way. We teach others how to treat us. We surround ourselves with others who are on the same journey. The more self loving we are and the more authentic the more truth we can embody which paves the way for more light to come in. 

To embody more light is to raise the frequency of your consciousness. To do this we must manifest positive outcomes in our lives. To manifest positive outcomes we rid ourselves of all negativity that is within us and around us. We can first work to clear ourselves out of 3d limited thinking. Deprogramming is not easy but it can not go to the 5th dimension. All in the 5th must be authentic and not afraid to show their unique colors. By being who we truly are and knowing our own energy compared to others, this takes us to our authenticity. This lead to more manifestation and more synchronicities. This in turn leads to more 5th dimensional awareness.

5th dimensional awareness is happening now and the last few days happening fast. The Waves have accelerated. Do not resist the waves, welcome them, they are our way home!

( As I was writing this October 8th, a huge wave came in and I had to wait until it had passed to finish. 9 EST.)


I love you all!
Diane Canfield
Ascension Teacher-Psychic Clairvoyant Medium -Star Races Face to Face Contactee
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