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2015-11-22-15-17-28-294Energy Update, Increased Sensitivities As Higher Awareness Unfolds

Diane Canfield

Energy Status

The energy the past few days has been unstable. By this I mean there are times of extreme crankiness and irritability, Things that may not go the way we want them to and this could trigger us to get more upset or angry than we normally would. It is during these shifts of cleansing we have to be VERY aware of what if taking place, so we can calm ourselves down and can get into our own sacred place where we can process the energies. I have talked about this many times before on my articles, we are still cleansing the dark from our Mother Earth. Many of us came here to transmute the dark, from ourselves and from everyone else. During the Ascension process it is paramount to understand this is part of our role to transcend darkness into LIGHT. This is part of why we are seeing so much more darkness NOW come to the surface, it brings itself into our awareness so we can cleanse and transform it into light itself.

Some of the symptoms of the last few days:

  • Drained, overly tired
  • Cranky and irritable
  • Feeling light headed
  • Loud ear ringing
  • Other timelines appearing

My Expereinces 

Sesnitivitiy has now increased a few more notches for me and many others that are aware they are in the process of the shift. Be aware of these increased sensitives and make your plans accordingly. You may not be able to go places or do things you used to. You may need more time to yourself. You may need to avoid heavily populated areas and maybe even family gatherings. Yes we were sensitive already but now these and other things may become unbearable. Stay true to your own energies, we do not owe any others anything. We owe our authentic selves EVERYTHING.

The last couple of days I have been experiencing other timelines coming and going quickly. For instance, I was in the store and picked up a bottle of water that said mineral water on the label. When I put it in the cart it then said spring water. This does not seem like a big deal except for the fact that this has been happening quite a few times over the last few days. I will see something and then within a few minutes time, it will change into something else. These are messages from the higher realms, only now they continue to increase and can take on NEW dynamics manifesting in NEW ways.

This has also been a time of high revelations. I am now entering into the period when I can recall an incident in my past with great detail and now understand exactly what it had to do with my life purpose. I see the path I might have taken, which I didn’t and where it would have led and how I could have averted heartache and pain had I stayed true to myself. I am going back many years with this event in particular.  I am  always able to do this in client readings, but I have never been able to go backwards in such great detail as now.

As we get closer to the outer edges of the shift we are gaining more and more abilities such as what I described. What was difficult before, now becomes easy. This is part of living in the NOW and everything happening all at ONCE. This is all part of moving into higher dimensional consciousness.

I had a vision  that I was in a house similar to the one I live in now and I was in a relationship with someone, I had to call and check in with them each night. This was so powerful that when it ended I wanted so bad to get back to the vision because this person was very important to me. I had to work hard to come back from this alternate reality, it was so concrete and real.

None of thee things have anything to do with any planet alignments, full moons, or anything else happening in the cosmos. Remember the SHIFT in progress is not dependent on outside influences. Yes it can affect the energy but shifts, downloads, upgrades and Waves can and do happen at any time.

This includes new ways of seeing things, more clear sight and higher awareness and understanding. The bottom line is the source Creator, this energy is in charge of everything and we work  together with this Source to  create our soul plan.

As I continue to experience things out of the dimension of 3D, I will continue to share my experiences with everyone. My purpose in this is to show everyone, they too can experience the unlimited way of being that I do. Many are now waking up that the 3D world is not what they thought it was. Reality is in fact fluid and not fixed. We can manifest our own creations that are out of the fixed mindset. With the shift this is now in high gear and will only get stronger with each day.

The increased sensitivity coincides with my near ascension experience in May of 2013. I was extremely sensitive the 2 weeks following this experience where I was close to ascending and completely leaving this dimension, only to stop at the last minute so I could share all these experiences and insights with everyone.

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I love you all!
Diane Canfield
Ascension Teacher-Psychic Clairvoyant Medium -Star Races Face to Face Contactee
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zohanispirit1Energy Update 5-20-2015. The Year of Acceleration into Ascension

This has been the year of Acceleration of the Shift.

Specifically the past few weeks have been filled with more releasing. What does it mean to release? It means that situations from our pasts will be presented to us, very often through others, as a way to direct us, to look at our past in a different way. This will take place as we move up in dimensions of consciousness so we can see what has taken place in our lives from new and different perspectives than what we had access to in the past. How is this possible? Well, we can only come to terms with what our level of consciousness is at the moment that the incidents and experiences happen for us. In other words, we can only process our experiences with that level of consciousness. BUT when we move up in frequency we can then process the exact same experience with a whole new level of consciousness because we have moved into a higher dimensional plane where we have more access to the TRUTH of situations and what they really represented to us and why we had to go through these experiences. This is a real biggie and very important because in essence in many ways this is what the Ascension process is all about.

As we release more feelings that we may have harbored for the past years about a situation that we now are able to see in a brand new light, we may have periods of crying which goes along with releasing. I can not stress the importance of crying for EVERYONE. We cry to release. So the Divine Male needs to also be able to cry and let go of the past hurts, misunderstandings, and pain. To the Divine Feminine, please be supportive of men who are hurting and crying to release pain now. This is part of what needs to happen on our beautiful Earth, every species needs to cry, release and let go of what no longer serves them. Just as the Divine Feminine has been suppressed for ages, the Divine Male has also been suppressed in ways as in feelings a wide range of emotions and freely being able to express them to other males and women.

We are going through an intense period now of introspection, releasing, processing and FEELING everything that is coming through. This can make some want to go into cave mode to process these feelings. We need to let others have as much alone time as they need. We are moving into interdependence and out of co-dependent behaviors and attitudes towards others. This is where self love comes in to play such a major role now in the process. We can not be co-dependent and be self loving, these two are opposites of the spectrum. We must love and accept ourselves fully, be happy with who we are, how we treat others and our relationship with ourselves first and foremost.

Our dream states have been intense and we now find many answers to our dreams as we move higher in frequency. Do not ever discount the importance of dreams, many answers are found there. Dreams work symbolically. You will not find the answer to your dreams in a dream book. Each person is unique and the answers given to them do not fit someone else. Each person has the capability to find the answers to their own dreams and what these answers mean to them specifically. Right now the time is right to call out to the higher realms before bed and ask for answers to whatever your question may be. Pay attention and your answers will be given to you.

Creativity is now coming to the forefront for many people that may have put their creative efforts on the back burner. Why is it happening now? Because as we move frequencies we become closer to the CREATOR and we take on more and more of these Divine Traits. Have you noticed an urge to create music, sing, or take up a creative project recently? If you have you are one of the many being called right now to merge closer with our Creator.

You may feel out of your body at times. This happened to me a few days ago. I was sitting talking with a friend and all of the sudden I felt as if I no longer needed to breathe and I was just about to float out of my body. This happens because as we move up in frequency our bodies are changing in DNA composition to more of a light body that is needed in the upper dimensions. Yes, we take our body with us in Ascension, it just changes structure. We have been in this process intensely for the past 4 years and each year provides us with a higher acceleration point and focus.

Your life may be going through many intense changes and this is all part of the process. As we find more and more of ourselves, we no longer want what we had before. Many find this no longer works for them as it did in the past. The opportunities are now endless as to what we can create for ourselves. Manifestation becomes much easier the higher we climb.

As we release we will have moments of BLISS that follow. The bliss is that of the 5th Dimension and above going all the way to the 12th. This blissful feeling will feel like nothing we have felt in 3D. It feels as if everything is perfect and right with the World. You may feel a powerful connection with the Divine Creator at this time. As a Psychic Clairvoyant Medium I love these times because even though I am always ‘connected’ to Source, during these times I am super connected to All That Is and everything living thing in the Universe.

You may see increased activity of Spirits, Star Family, and other dimension beings during these times of waves and shifts. This is because (as I have talked about many times before) Psychic abilities, Ascension and Star family are all related. As we raise our frequency we are then able to see all kinds of beings from other dimensions. It is no longer a world where only the psychics like me are able to see and travel consciously between dimensions.

The Ascension process in available for Everyone at this time, all we need to do is to participate and learn about the process and then engage in the process itself. For those of us leading the way in the Ascension process, we are pulling up all the others that can not engage in it, for whatever reason. We are happy and grateful to be able to do this Service to Others.

Diane Canfield
Spiritual Teacher, Psychic Clairvoyant Medium , Ascension Expert,  Star Being in Person Contactee

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December Energies ~12-12 Transmutation and 12-21 Gateway

Hello Beloveds and all Light Beings

We have approached the 12-12 Gateway of transmutation. What does transmutation mean? It is the act of changing from one thing to another. This is exactly what we are in the process of with the shift that is in progress. What is the shift you may ask, especially those new to these terms. It is the act of ascension that entails but is not limited to expanding our consciousness beyond the reality and confines of the 3D world and entering the world of multidimensionality.  This entails our bodies changing at every level including the level of Light Body. What does this mean as a species? It means we are entering the time and space of the Galactic, our Star Family .  This is the reason for so many more sightings leading up to now by so many people. This is also the reason I have been able to be visited by so many races of Star Beings in person.

The 12-12 Gateway opens up our borders even further in the world of multidimensionality. We are able to see more of reality for what it really is. The insights have been coming in fast and furious for the last few weeks. Things that were unknown before are now being known. This is because pockets of our brains are actually being activated so we can now peer into what really is and not what we thought things were. This could be a situation that you have been in for years, yet now you are able to see things in a brand new light. Many times with this it brings wonder and amazement. The insights are so profound, we sometimes wonder how we lived all these years with these blinders on. This is what is now taking place to us as a species. This must take place as this is now part of our evolutionary plan.

Some of the more recent symptoms of the last weeks downloads have been tingles and goosebumps around the face and head. This can be preceded by moments of pure bliss of the 5D and higher states of consciousness. Yes, this is what perfection feels like. On the flip side, extreme tiredness with bizarre dreams. The astral realm is so close now. Vibrations can be felt again in the hands and legs or all over the entire body.  All the chakras will vibrate as they come online Loud ear ringing and tones due to the weakening magnetic shield, along with memory issues. These things remind me of some of the same symptoms of 2012 all over again. Time slips and time jumps in consciousness. The brain shape is changing and we can feel this.

Dreams have become more real. This is because our consciousness now chooses to inhabit the higher planes so we have more awareness of other realities. Now when we are in the dream everything makes complete sense but when we step outside we can not make sense of it anymore. Other rules apply there and what applies there does not make sense in this reality. We are now more aware of this, that our reality is not like others.

The flares bring us upgrades but as I explain  our upgrades come in even with no flares. We have lots of help with these upgrades, our Star families and the Creator among others.

These insights, upgrades and downloads will continue right up through and after the December 21st Solstice. Remember as I have talked about before these energies will start before and continue a few days after the event.

The solstice brings in even more light and connects to the 12-12 Gateway and the work we are doing leading up to the solstice. This is the time period we are in now to really make some progress in our ascension. We will really need to connect with our higher selves now and ask that we be downloaded with the information that is needed for our shifting and transmutation at its highest level. Yes, it is that simple. All we need to do is ask and then do the inner work ourselves. The Universe provides when we take the lead in self loving actions and advancements of all kinds.

The 12-12 brings us more truth and this truth is so important to our awakening. We must start to be our own truth more and more for the accumulated affects to take place. As we become our truth others then are also free to become theirs. This all ends up in beautiful singularity of Truth, that is the Christ Consciousness that is calling to us.

The Solstice Gateway of December 21 then brings more experiences for us to be and live our truth. To live our truth is to be totally free and this also is what the ascension experience brings to us. We are in the process of freedom. We have ached for this freedom on so many levels of awareness for so long.

In the coming days, look for more truth, more insights, more hidden knowledge revealed on all levels of awareness. Be open to more Love, to more Bliss and more Wisdom because that too is the Shift.

Self Love in what is knocking at our door time and time again now in the Shift. This is why we are here, to learn to truly love ourselves in a way that no one can shake. When we work on these self love aspects more integrity within oneself is achieved and through this we also have more access to Truth which is our Creator and Christ Consciousness. The Truth of All That Is. When we achieve this Truth we are unstoppable and so tuned into Source Energy we can not loose no matter what is looks like is happening around us.

In Light and Love Beautiful Souls

Diane Canfield

Psychic Clairvoyant Medium ~ET In Person Contactee and Communicator~ Ascension Expert