Energy Update, Increased Sensitivities As Higher Awareness Unfolds

2015-11-22-15-17-28-294Energy Update, Increased Sensitivities As Higher Awareness Unfolds

Diane Canfield

Energy Status

The energy the past few days has been unstable. By this I mean there are times of extreme crankiness and irritability, Things that may not go the way we want them to and this could trigger us to get more upset or angry than we normally would. It is during these shifts of cleansing we have to be VERY aware of what if taking place, so we can calm ourselves down and can get into our own sacred place where we can process the energies. I have talked about this many times before on my articles, we are still cleansing the dark from our Mother Earth. Many of us came here to transmute the dark, from ourselves and from everyone else. During the Ascension process it is paramount to understand this is part of our role to transcend darkness into LIGHT. This is part of why we are seeing so much more darkness NOW come to the surface, it brings itself into our awareness so we can cleanse and transform it into light itself.

Some of the symptoms of the last few days:

  • Drained, overly tired
  • Cranky and irritable
  • Feeling light headed
  • Loud ear ringing
  • Other timelines appearing

My Expereinces 

Sesnitivitiy has now increased a few more notches for me and many others that are aware they are in the process of the shift. Be aware of these increased sensitives and make your plans accordingly. You may not be able to go places or do things you used to. You may need more time to yourself. You may need to avoid heavily populated areas and maybe even family gatherings. Yes we were sensitive already but now these and other things may become unbearable. Stay true to your own energies, we do not owe any others anything. We owe our authentic selves EVERYTHING.

The last couple of days I have been experiencing other timelines coming and going quickly. For instance, I was in the store and picked up a bottle of water that said mineral water on the label. When I put it in the cart it then said spring water. This does not seem like a big deal except for the fact that this has been happening quite a few times over the last few days. I will see something and then within a few minutes time, it will change into something else. These are messages from the higher realms, only now they continue to increase and can take on NEW dynamics manifesting in NEW ways.

This has also been a time of high revelations. I am now entering into the period when I can recall an incident in my past with great detail and now understand exactly what it had to do with my life purpose. I see the path I might have taken, which I didn’t and where it would have led and how I could have averted heartache and pain had I stayed true to myself. I am going back many years with this event in particular.  I am  always able to do this in client readings, but I have never been able to go backwards in such great detail as now.

As we get closer to the outer edges of the shift we are gaining more and more abilities such as what I described. What was difficult before, now becomes easy. This is part of living in the NOW and everything happening all at ONCE. This is all part of moving into higher dimensional consciousness.

I had a vision  that I was in a house similar to the one I live in now and I was in a relationship with someone, I had to call and check in with them each night. This was so powerful that when it ended I wanted so bad to get back to the vision because this person was very important to me. I had to work hard to come back from this alternate reality, it was so concrete and real.

None of thee things have anything to do with any planet alignments, full moons, or anything else happening in the cosmos. Remember the SHIFT in progress is not dependent on outside influences. Yes it can affect the energy but shifts, downloads, upgrades and Waves can and do happen at any time.

This includes new ways of seeing things, more clear sight and higher awareness and understanding. The bottom line is the source Creator, this energy is in charge of everything and we work  together with this Source to  create our soul plan.

As I continue to experience things out of the dimension of 3D, I will continue to share my experiences with everyone. My purpose in this is to show everyone, they too can experience the unlimited way of being that I do. Many are now waking up that the 3D world is not what they thought it was. Reality is in fact fluid and not fixed. We can manifest our own creations that are out of the fixed mindset. With the shift this is now in high gear and will only get stronger with each day.

The increased sensitivity coincides with my near ascension experience in May of 2013. I was extremely sensitive the 2 weeks following this experience where I was close to ascending and completely leaving this dimension, only to stop at the last minute so I could share all these experiences and insights with everyone.

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I love you all!
Diane Canfield
Ascension Teacher-Psychic Clairvoyant Medium -Star Races Face to Face Contactee
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