Cosmic Consciousness What is This? and Dealing With The Current Upgraded Energies


Blessings Everyone,

We are in a time now of upgraded energies coming in more and more often, making this the norm instead of the abnormal. We still have times of being in the 3D regular energy world but with so many raising their  consciousness, we are dealing with upgraded consciousness all the time now.

What is upgraded cosmic consciousness?

Upgraded consciousness is the next phase of human that we are morphing into.

Here is an example… have you noticed time has sped up in the last few years ? If you have this is a sign of upgraded consciousness.

The higher we go in consciousness/ intuitiveness/ psychic abilities, the more time seems to slip away. The higher realms exist in no time, and this is the exact time we are moving into. NO Time.

Whatever attributes the higher realms have this is what we are upgrading to as humans are now accelerating very fast.

Some of the things many will experience in the future are instant knowing… this means knowing if something is truth or false immediately.

What comes along with this is being repulsed by anything that is not truth and not being able to listen or be around it.

The 3D world is filled with both truth and lies, yet many have not known what is a lie and what is not, as this new ability kicks in for many they may have issues with how to maneuver within this.

As a psychic, I have been in this mode of upgraded cosmic awakening for more than 25 years now and here is my advice.

Listen at all times to your inner voice, the inner voice is that of the Creator and all that is. You will have to train yourself to listen very closely as this inner voice will give you directions on your life and the choices you should make. Then take action based on the inner voice not on your thoughts.

The inner voice and your inner thoughts are completely different and you will have to learn one from the other.

With time, you will see one is your thoughts/ regular voice and one is that of the creator urging you to make the right choices. You can think of this as your conscience, those without access to their conscience will have a harder time with this and it will take them longer to make the move forward because they are not used to listening to this.

Remember though, what the creator wants you to do may not be what you want to do, the creator will see the big picture as to your soul’s purpose and why  you are here, so many of these paths may be difficult but this is where evolving happens. Those who take the easy road through live do little evolving and this will not end up to help their souls purpose.

As an upgraded human you will have access to other life forms as I do. You will be able to start to see beyond this dimension, space and time and will not be limited to the 3D world. When this starts to happen it is shocking, yet we must remember this is our path and what we signed up for.

We agreed to take risks, for higher rewards in evolvement and to help all life and the planet evolve beyond the 3rd dimension and into the 12th.

Love Diane


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Diane is a transformational gifted psychic who uses her gifts to uplift humanity into the higher dimensions. She has real experiences with many things out of this dimension, which include visits from 5 races of Extraterrestrials, she sees passed on loved ones of clients, she interacts with other dimensions daily to being higher awareness and consciousness to the planet and population.

Strong Solar Wind/ Intense Solar Flares And Extreme Geomagnetic Storms Causing Ascension Symptoms

Blessings Everyone,

We have extreme space weather all of this week with yesterday and today being the most extreme. If you have been suffering with any symptoms of ascension this is why. Not everything causes symptoms that can be felt by humans but space weather does affect our bodies and consciousness.

Here are some of the symptoms you may be experiencing over the last few days , today or the next few days:

  • Extreme Lethargy

  • Extreme Thirst

  • Intense Body Aches ‘

  • Headaches

  • Sinus Issues

  • Intense Dreams

  • Irritable

  • Crown Chakra Activations/ I felt these last night 🙂

Note: You will only experience these things if you are sensitive to energy/ if you have not experienced space weather ascension symptoms before you may not this time.


A huge Geomagnetic storm has hit as you can see from the chart below, the solar wind is very high, and a high level M class flare has erupted.

As always ground and go into nature.. you can watch my grounding video on my you tube channel to see the correct technique.

Drink lots of fluids, rest when you can and practice self love. Isolate if needed.

I made a trip into nature a few days ago because I knew these were coming.. it was very relaxing and refreshing to not only be in nature but near water…

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Love Diane




Blessings Everyone,

We are experiencing intense geomagnetic storms coming in right now which is causing emotional strain on many. Here are some of the symptoms over the last few days..

  • Not Sleeping

  • Being Overly Tired/ can not wake up fully

  • Stressed Out

  • Overly Emotional

  • Emotional Strain

These storms may last for the next few days so be prepared. Try to make time this weekend to go into nature and ground. Eat lightly, rest when you can and try to de-stress as a lot of emotional stress is coming in with these this time.

Every time space weather occurs it is different, effects can vary.  Just as we are a new person every day space weather too changes its effects with the energy that is occurring.

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Blessings Everyone,

More space weather is happening causing upgrades to our ascension. Major flares have been happening the past 3 days and may continue. You can see these on the chart below.  This will cause geo storms to go into affect later tonight with solar wind rising. All space weather causes upgrades in consciousness. Watch for these upgrades as the geo storms kick in. I will update as these storms kick in.

GEOMAGNETIC STORM WATCH: Minor G1-class geomagnetic storms are possible starting later today, Aug. 28th, when a CME is expected to graze Earth’s magnetic field. It was hurled into space just yesterday by active sunspot AR3088. A high-speed stream of solar wind may be following close behind the CME. Its arrival on Aug. 29th could boost storm levels to category G2.

ANOTHER STRONG SOLAR FLARE: Departing sunspot AR3088 just unleashed another strong solar flare, an M6.7-class explosion shown here in an extreme ultraviolet image from NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory: The flare is pictured below:

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Blessings Everyone,

We are being bombarded with life changing space weather the past 3 days.

I predicted the solar storms would be arriving in my last report a few days ago and here they are today. Very intense and causing massive symptoms.

Symptoms  Include :

  • No Sleep ( I barely slept last night )

  • Very Hot

  • Intense Thirst

  • Vivid Dark Dreams

  • Eye Pain

  • Breathing Issues

The flares have been in the High M class for the past 3 days. Today the massive solar storms started. As advanced humans we can feel this energy as it arrives and many times before it does. The more tuned in you are with energy and nature the more you will feel.

The solar wind that causes the storms is very high and will continue to rise.

Many new psychic insights can come in during this time and the puzzle pieces of your life may fall together as we have more access to the information in the akashic records in the higher realms.

This is a good time to put on your psychic cap and tune into things going on around  you as well as mediate for new psychic insights.

Creativity flourishes  also during these times of high energy as focus becomes higher.

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Love Diane

Blessings Everyone,

Two High M Class flares just arrived with possible solar storms on the way. Solar wind in rising making storms possible.

I felt these flares kick in bringing in uplifting energy this morning. You may feel more at one with the universe and have more psychic senses heightened.

I had a RUSH of psychic knowing when I first got out of bed this morning !

There are only certain energy events which can make humans feel uplifted and more tuned in with the Universe and Geomagnetic Storms and Flares are two of these things.

I have been posting about these events for over a decade now and  only certain energy events creates uplifted energy and many do not.

Pay attention to how you feel the next few days  as you will have more access to psychic insights right now.

A good day to mediate and go deeper within yourself to make progress.

Love Diane


Blessings Everyone,

Below are  a few psychic Mandela type -out of this dimension experiences this week I wanted to share with everyone.

First Experience/ Frying pan handle changes size

I was cooking dinner and took out my frying pan and while looking at the pan noticed the handle is much bigger than before. The handle on this pan is now huge and I can not imagine a reality where I would have bought this pan 🙂 The handle in the past was normal sized but now its super sized 🙂 I have had this pan for a few years now and use it almost every day. There is no way this handle was this way before or I bought it with this huge handle. 

Second Experience / Bathroom water faucets

 I walked into my bathroom to use the sink and as I turned the water on the hot water had switched places with the cold water. We have lived here quite a while and all of the faucets are set up the same way in the house.  Well today it switched on me and now the hot was the cold and the cold was the hot !

I walked out of the bathroom when this happened obviously shocked and then asked someone else to come to bathroom and check this out. When we checked it out with him the faucets then switched back into the way it has always been. Luckily for me this person experiences this kind of out of this dimension experiences too so they understood it was something that happened in the moment and then switched back. Yes reality can be fluid !

Third Experience  / Missing item reappears 

I went into my bedroom looking for a smokey quartz crystal that I use with my client psychic readings and healings  and suddenly it was not where it had always been. I looked through the entire house for this crystal and it was no where to be found so I gave up and used a smaller one that I have. Later that night I walked into my bedroom and there it is  on my nightstand where I always keep it. 


I want everyone to be aware that since Cern was turned back on we are starting to enter another reality and this is why we see and I am experiencing these fluctuations in time, space and objects that are appearing different now.

New Reality

There is a new reality coming in.. as their plan is going to backfire on them. We are starting to enter the age of enlightenment… this is only the beginning process we are in. Enough people have awakened to make this possible and this is what they have always been afraid of. 

Pay attention in your own life and do not be surprised when these  personal Mandela effects  happen to you… 

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Love Diane