Strong Solar Wind/ Intense Solar Flares And Extreme Geomagnetic Storms Causing Ascension Symptoms

Strong Solar Wind/ Intense Solar Flares And Extreme Geomagnetic Storms Causing Ascension Symptoms

Blessings Everyone,

We have extreme space weather all of this week with yesterday and today being the most extreme. If you have been suffering with any symptoms of ascension this is why. Not everything causes symptoms that can be felt by humans but space weather does affect our bodies and consciousness.

Here are some of the symptoms you may be experiencing over the last few days , today or the next few days:

  • Extreme Lethargy

  • Extreme Thirst

  • Intense Body Aches ‘

  • Headaches

  • Sinus Issues

  • Intense Dreams

  • Irritable

  • Crown Chakra Activations/ I felt these last night šŸ™‚

Note: You will only experience these things if you are sensitive to energy/ if you have not experienced space weather ascension symptoms before you may not this time.


A huge Geomagnetic storm has hit as you can see from the chart below, the solar wind is very high, and a high level M class flare has erupted.

As always ground and go into nature.. you can watch my grounding video on my you tube channel to see the correct technique.

Drink lots of fluids, rest when you can and practice self love. Isolate if needed.

I made a trip into nature a few days ago because I knew these were coming.. it was very relaxing and refreshing to not only be in nature but near water…

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Love Diane




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