Waves of Light Upgrade Occurs 2/2/16- Dimensional Source Light Encoding for 5D by Diane Canfield

pyramid11Massive Wave of Light Upgrade Occurs/ Pure Energy Upgrades for 5D

by Diane Canfield

Blessings Beings of Light and Love,

We received a massive wave upgrade last night around 3 am. This caused sleeplessness among other symptoms. I had to force myself to lay down around 4am even though I was not even remotely tired after the Light Wave of Encodement hit. The wave feels just like that for me, it is an actual wave of light that hits me and then goes through my body and consciousness. There have been no flares or geomagnetic storms. As I have talked about in many of my past articles, these WAVES of PURE LIGHT are not dependent on any outside factors. Not on any cosmic planetary line ups, not flares not anything. They can come in as PURE Sources of Light upgrades. Giving us the light encoding for the upgrade to 5D. All we need to do is to relax and receive.

There is a LOT OF confusion in the spiritual world about what produces a energetic upgrade. The bottom line is many different sources help us with our ascension process. The Creator, Star Beings of Light, the Central sun, the Photon belt, besides occasionally getting upgrades from flares and geostorms. But by no means are flares and geostorms the only sources or the most important sources. The flares needs to be in high intensity M or X flare to be felt and be of any significance at all.

Some of the symptoms I experienced and you may have experienced if you were awake to feel it were :

  • Foggy Brain
  • Extreme Thirst
  • Hyped up and not tired at all
  • Slight nausea ( one small wave)
  • High tones coming in off and on
  • Blissful feeling of one with all that is

This wave lasted only about a half an hour compared to some waves that can last up to 2 hours in full. I am a Wave Expert having experienced every Wave that comes in for the last 5 years and helping to shift humanity by accelerating the consciousness of humans by relaying what is happening Cosmically to all of us through this ascension process. Many of you are right in there with me, feeling every wave and every upgrade.

The beauty of these waves is NO one can predict when they will come. How can anyone predict a wave at 3 AM which causes the participants to feel like they have had too much coffee to drink all day long when there were no stimulants taken. Discernment is the key to be able to tell what is TRUTH regarding Ascension and what is not.  The fact is we are getting upgrades every week now in some fashion according to my own articles of waves coming in, so any given week anyone can predict we will get waves and they will be accurate 🙂 The waters of Ascension can easily be muddied by information that is not correct and given by those that may be well intentioned but are too new to the process to fully understand what is going on.

Divine Waves of Light do not produce the same symptoms each time, there is no catch all for them. Each one is unique unto themselves just like each one of us lovely beings of light is. Each wave brings a new upgrade and a new way of seeing the the 5D world we currently are moving into. Each actual wave is specific to the qualities and downloads it brings. This wave brings us closer to Truth because that is what is most needed right now. There are Dimensional Source Light Encodings in this upgrade bringing us closer to the Light and creating more distance from the dark.

As I looked back at the upgrades we have experienced I notice there have been no flares of any significance for the last month. DISCERNMENT is the key to all TRUTH.  Psychic knowing and intuition is the key. There is no better time than now to start the journey of advanced awakening. The sun has again gone quiet even today.


How the increased energy can affect some 

You may notice bizarre behavior occurring now or in the near future by some. This is because the increase into 5D with each wave that occurs makes it more and more difficult for those who have not aligned with their inner selves and higher selves to be able to move into the higher divine realms of light. This behavior may start out slowly or come on all at once. It may be shocking to see and witness, yet this again shows our upgrades coming in by close examination of what we do not want and what can not exist in 5d. The truth can be a hard pill for some to swallow, especially at this stage in the ascension process when we are teetering all the time on accepting more light and more love from the Divine.

More celebrity deaths

As the energies increase some will find them to difficult to align with. It is hard to imagine for those of us that dig deep and have no trouble coming up to the surface for the air needed to cleanse our soul but this is occurring rapidly now and for the past 5 years since the energy increases have become more visible energetically. Those that has crossed in this way are always with us no matter how the crossing is done. They can be of more help on the other side even with the ascension process and this is the choice they made in this lifetime. I have communicated with many celebrities after they have passed including Dolores Cannon, Leonard Nimoy, Robin Williams and more. The best advice I can give is to send love to them when you hear of their passing. RIP is not accurate because they do not rest in the higher realms. They are doing spiritual work if they choose to and living just like we do but on a different scale of reality. They can feel the love you send to them and it means the world to them. Keep sending !

Memory Losses and the restructuring of the brain 

As we move into higher energies of light, our need to use words decreases. Telepathy becomes the mode of communication, just as it is for higher beings of light. You may find yourself at a loss for words ( as I have) or not remembering words you should remember. This happens because words are in a way an unnatural form of communication when we could have the mode of _instantly knowing_ without using words. Everyone has this ability and it will become more obvious in the days to come. A quick test you can do now is to look at your pet and determine at any given time what they want or want to say when they look at you. Its very easy for me to see what they want to tell me on any given day or time and it will become more and more common as more wake up to this process. Pets are easy to start with, they are so loving and pure essence of the soul. They communicate through their heart just as we are learning again to do.

Vibrating objects 

You may see vibrating objects as the energies increase. I have seen this quite a few times recently and in the past years. The most recent was a floor heater that vibrated off and on for about 5 minutes. I once saw my end table vibrating for over 2 hours as well as my shower curtain and a few other objects that should be solid. The facts are objects are not solid, even ourselves, we are all vibrating at frequencies normally unseen to the human eye. Yet with these upgrades we now see the REAL reality of objects and their frequency. We are seeing their vibration level and there is nothing to fear in seeing reality the way it really is.

Fear ( its not real ) 

As our reality begins to change, fear can creep into the ascension process as we access what is called the paranormal. Do not let this fear kick in and take hold. Become the observer in every situation and sit back to enjoy the show. Everything does not have a message, many things are shown to us just for us to know we are ascending and reaching higher levels of consciousness. Like a peacock showing off its feathers, the ascension process too wants to boast through the Universe of its accomplishments.


As I prepare for my move BACK to Sedona I will keep updating the waves of energy coming in. I may not have as much time as I have in the past but I will always make time to update any NEW energy waves coming in and upgrades. I have lived in Sedona before in 2003/2004 for a year. I have made many trips there before living there, We were called to lived there. Everyones calling will be different depending on their frequency where they are called to be at this time. The energy must match their frequency for progress to be made.

Here you can find my latest interview with Michelle Walling of in5d. It is so worth it for anyone wanting to upgrade their energy. I talk about the energy shifts and psychic abilities.

My next seminar will be the healing retreat with acoustic health to be found here. The subject will be how to acquire multidimensional sight required for 5D.

I love you all !

Diane Canfield

Ascension Teacher, Psychic Medium and Star Races Contactee.
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