560744_10150675172214961_552594960_9463308_656554897_nHOW TO OVERLAY THE DARKNESS WITH LIGHT 


Good Day Lovely light beings-  you are so loved,

Many of you may have noticed that in the current time the darkness is getting darker and coming out of hiding. This started a few years ago when the darkness began to show itself more fully.  Bizarre things are occurring, unlike anything in the past and many do not know what to think of it.

The Ascension process brings the hidden darkness to the front so it can be cleansed and transmuted from dark to light. Not only is this happening in society and the 3D world but also in ourselves. For those that have not spent the time cleaning their own darkness from themselves, it is now easier as it is brought to the surface so it can be seen more clearly for what it is. Thank you for all your service, all the loving beings not afraid to bring their unconscious selves to the surface for inspection and transmutation to the light.

Many of us who started on this journey early have cleansed their own darkness, but for many who have just started, (the last few years) they are going through this process now.

What is darkness? Absence of light and ONENESS with the Divine Creator Energy. The darkness can appear in all kinds of ways including being out of alignment with the higher self. It can show up as lack of self love, self worth and divine purpose. Darkness is service to self instead of service to others. How does this darkness manifest? As greed, control and power over others. It ultimately comes from fear which the ego produces, fear of not being good enough, not having enough, and not feeling good about oneself. It can manifest in ways of restricting and controlling others or self destructive habits and ways of being.

As we look at society and see the crazy things taking place, it seems we can only shake our heads and wonder, how did it get like this? Please- please-please do not believe this is what anyone who is awake and aware and working to create their own reality has done deliberately. On the contrary, this has manifested through unconscious creating and agenda of others through service to self. This in itself shows us now where service to self leads to on a grand scale. It is mirror showing us the reality of what we do not want for ourselves.

There is conscious creating and unconscious creating.  Unconscious creating  is akin to a roulette wheel that spins and where it stops nobody knows. There is also a dark conscious agenda at play and the dark have been working hard at creating the reality they desire based on service to self.

I can give many examples of these bizarre situations but for anyone who is 0n top of things ( as I have told you to pay attention) there are more than enough to go around.

One example is the holistic doctors that have been found dead. You can find more about this on Erin’s Facebook page

There are far too many examples for me to include. The Oregon land grab is another example. There are many land grabs going on across America right now. Check into agenda 21 if you are not familiar to how this ties into land grabs.

So what we are seeing now is the Darkeness in full view of the light. No more hidding and sneaking about. All out in front for everyone to see. As a psychic I know all of things that have gone on and are still going on. Yet I realize many people are still in the dark about the dark agenda.

The Ascension process is about ridding oneself of all of their dark layers to let the light shine through. This is not about any religious aspects of the dark or light. This is about the true unconscious layers of programing that are operating without the persons awareness.

Ascension brings these layers up for everyone to look at and process and convert to light. It is up to each person to take this extra help with ascension and do the work required to be able to keep moving up in the dimensional realms of consciousness. Everyone has free will so who ever chooses to raise their consciousness and join the ascension party may at any time. It is open to all guests now and continuing on.

What can we do about these events of darkness being brought into the light ?

We can work to create the reality we desire and not the unconscious  reality we may get or the reality of others with service to self in their agenda. We can overlay their agenda with ours.

Whether we are aware of it or not we are creating our reality each day, each minute, with every choice we make and where we choose to put our time, energy and focus. Anything we focus on becomes larger, so we want to be aware of any dark agenda going on but not to put our energy into it. Instead we work to counteract the energy we do not desire with a new template of Divine ONENESS energy of service to others. We overlay their energy and make it null and void. This starts with each one of us in your own energy field.

We can start to visualize the reality we want to create as an overlay to the reality that we are seeing take place.

Here is a manta from me to you that you can use in a relaxed state:

“I am a Divine light of the creator. I create my own reality with every choice I make. I choose to create the reality of love, peace, cooperation and abundance for all. I choose love above all else. I am loving and peaceful toward all others, even in the event a misunderstanding. I hold my hand out to others as they find their way. As they stumble I am there to pick them up. I accept the help from others should I stumble, as I know this is Universal Love being sent to me through others. I accept all good things that I create and discard anything not self loving or for my highest expression of self.”


This is the city that has been shown to me by the Advanced Planetary Council of Light, a group of Star family races I am in contact with in person.

You can use this picture and my words below to visualize the city of 5D we are creating:

While laying down visualize the city of 5D. The city is made of crystalline structures of all different colors washed in light of the creator. There are many different races of beings in this city, including star friends and family. Ships are docked close by and in the sky hovering around the city of light. Everyone is working in cooperation and love, holding their hands out to others. Gardens of fruit and vegetables are everywhere and in abundance. Animals roam free and interact with all the different species of beings. Cooperation and support are the theme of the day and everyday. The Divine energy floods the city and everyone works in tandem with this energy. All beings are honored equally and lovingly with extra care given to women and children of all races. Women hold the creation of life and children are the creation of the future. They must both be held in the highest regard and care. The Divine masculine is the protector of all women and children and mother earth. The divine protector works in harmony with all beings from all planets.

There are no governments, there are only councils of light that work together as teams with psychics and mystics heading the teams. Everyone works towards the goal of becoming one with the creator for this is the ultimate goal of the land.

A Message From the Advanced Council of Planetary Light

” The darkness is revealed to you so you can now check your own lingering darkness. Many of you have worked so hard to clean your own misalignment with your true self yet there are still so many more to go. Every action you take towards love is an action towards us for we are love in form as you are. As you awaken to your destiny we will be there to help you with every step. It is vital to work on your awakening process now. ”

When we work together we can create the reality we all desire in a shorter amount of time as combined energy is greater when put together. I am visually holding your hand on this journey to oneness and awakening into the 5th dimensional city of light and love.


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I love you all !
Diane Canfield
Ascension Teacher, Psychic Medium and Star Races Contactee.
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