The New Upper Timelines Of Ascension

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Blessings Star Tribe Sisters and Brothers

The last 2 weeks we have been experiencing massive shifts of consciousness that I have been updating on my facebook page.

I know I should have written about it on my website since not everyone visits my facebook page and can see what is going on. My goal is always to inform as many star tribe members as I can with my ascension guided information that comes to me energetically through my Star family connections and pure Source energy.

The Gateway through the Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 8th and the Solar Moon Eclipse on the 23rd was the absolute strongest Gateway of energy to date.  I have been tracking these downloads for years and I can say this without a doubt.

The Gateway actually went all the way to the 29th as I predicted it would when I published my article about what to expect during these huge download transmissions.

These gateways never just last a few days as some people might think. We are dealing with energetic influences and they do not dissipate in a few days, they linger and can continue to build as this one did. It is exactly the same with the solstices and equinoxes and any Celestial event that is taking place.

There was actually such a big transmission of downloads for the past 2 weeks, I was unable to come even to my facebook page and write anything for the last few days and this is not like me during these times of heavy upgrading. I am forever wanting to be of service to others, yet I was so blown away by the intense upgrades I just had to cocoon myself from everyone. Other light tribe and ascension members were feeling this too.

This was a time of complete and utter introspection and inward knowing. This extreme intense time was experienced by most close to the end of the gateway near the 27th and 28th.

Explosion of Flares

We also had the massive flares that spouted off flare after flare non stop and this added to our progression in the ascension process. The sunspot was just unbelievable and I am still in awe over all the ascension knowledge we have been given during this explosion of energy and light.

We have once again moved to a higher timeline of awareness as I was able to post on my facebook page Oct 27th. Included in this I mentioned these symptoms that we were feeling and processing:

Grounding, drink water, upgrade, adapt, move energy, meditate, pray, more insights, more adaption, more real self emerges, more consciousness expansion, more knowledge, more wisdom, more abilities, more depth, more love, more of creation in action.

The goal of the ascension process is to align with the truth. This is something in this day and age that can be difficult even for the most astute students of truth. This is because the world is currently turned upside down and many that are awake and aware see this. What is up is currently down and what is truth is currently hidden. As a psychic I know the hidden truths and this is why I feel it is so important that truths be brought out in the open. This is my calling.

We need to keep reminding ourselves of this, to align with our own truth so we can see the truth in all things. This is how we merge with the Creator and Source Energy and when we merge, this is when we have expanded consciousness, new knowledge, new wisdom and higher awareness.

Yes, this is how it’s done. This is the way it is done. There can be no expansion without merging with truth. This is the ultimate goal of ascension.

During these times of upgrades and accelerations this is not always easy.  As I tell my clients in readings, healings and life coaching sessions, the way to the truth is many times painful and in order to get to the joy we must first go through the pain.

We must release all the baggage that is not ours, all the ways of being that is not ours and never was ours.  This includes any energy that was thrown us that does not belong to us.

We must go back to the core of who we are, the core of the child we were. This is what Jesus meant when he talked about how we must be like children. Christ Consciousness includes getting back to the core of who we are as little children. Our Authentic Self. We must get back to our authentic and real selves and not sell ourselves short taking on responsibilities and ways of being that are not us.

This was part of my journey to let go of all things that did not align with me and my highest awareness. Many are still in this process and it is a process that can take time yet it is something that brings no higher joy.


We went through actual physical pain these last weeks releasing the energy that has built up on Gaia and with humanity as these downloads came in.

Some of the things you may have experienced were foggy brain, lethargy, nausea, memory loss, jumping timelines, headaches, not being able to sleep, spacey, seeing beings from other dimensions, helmet head ( our upper chakras coming into alignment) and agitation towards others.

Why are these symptoms important to talk about?

They are important because they tell us that we are indeed experiencing the ascension process.  This is not new, this is something I have always said. The more sensitive we are, the more symptoms we will experience.

As I reported back in June  I could actually feel when each flare occurred. This time it was even more intense than back in the spring. I know there are others who could also feel them as they were erupting from the sun. This is important because this is a huge leap in consciousness to even be able to feel these flares when they actually erupt.

Why is this important?

This is important because as we become more sensitive we reach higher levels of consciousness in our ascension process. The higher level reached the more sensitive we are to all that is happening in the Universe, not just in our earth plane.

We have much help with this and they are all more than willing to help us. This will include our Star Family which I was in close contact with during this time. I was being shown many new ways of being in the astral realm with them and this was not dreaming. I was taken with them to help them with interdimensional projects. I was given huge amounts of downloads of new information afterwards.

Our Star tribe is so closely connected to us now. I am sure many of my readers who follow me closely knowing that I have seen many races in person know this is true for them also.  I was in meetings with large groups of people, star family and humans alike. I am sure many of my clients and readers were there with me.

These upgrades are not over yet. We are just in the adjustment breather period now. I am told November we will also see upgrades that bring even more light and inner knowing. Even more higher awareness and residing even more in the higher dimensions of light.

What is the most important thing I can tell you right now?

It is to continue to work to raise your vibration and to raise it to the truth so the truth can be seen in all things. This will include everything that you come into contact with. Learn to discern truth for yourself so you can know your own truth.

How is this done?

It is done by eliminating all programming and programs that do not serve you. This means all ways of being that are false and benefited only someone else and not you. This means go all the way back to find who you are and not the you someone else wanted you to be.

Many have a calling to do this now. For me this journey started back in 2000 when I was approached by a huge mother ship and they communicated with me. Only a year later is when I had my first in person visit from our Star Family which continues and is ongoing today. They visit me in person and I am given intense upgrades during these times.  This is when all my psychic abilities became on high from childhood. This was my time to never go back to the Diane I was before.

All of these events were life changing for me. The events we are joining in today are life changing for all of us on many levels of awareness. We are literally not the same person we were 2 weeks ago.

This is the most glorious time to be alive, even with all the pain we are enduring during this process, the pure moments of bliss and connectedness to Source is unlike anything we have ever experienced.

These moments we connect in bliss and with our Creator make everything we are going through worthwhile. These timelines of bliss are when we are in the 5D realms and above. This is what the upper timelines feel like, pure bliss. Where everything flows in LOVE. This is where we are going.

In Eternal Light and Love


Psychic Clairvoyant Medium, Healer, Teacher , Ascension Expert, and Star Beings Communicator and In person contact.

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