Personal Remote Healing

Diane channels healing from the Ascended Masters, Angelic Realm and her Guide, Jesus, the most powerful of all. Jesus/ Creator work through Diane to heal others of  spiritual darkness, blocks, faulty belief systems, dysfunction to the consciousness and body. 

You will feel uplifted from the angelic energy that is sent from the angelic realms to you. You may see golden lights and flashes, feel heat and feel pressure on your crown chakra and third eye, uplifted and light, all of these and more have been reported.  The next few days after the session you will continue to feel this uplifted and light. There will be a change that takes place and everything will seem lighter and less heavy.

 Diane removes blocks that cause depression and constriction in the aura of the body and the consciousness. Diane will  read your aura/energy and dissolve these blocks so the flow of energy can freely flow within your chakra system. This will cause a change in awareness and consciousness. You may feel many effects afterward  from crying to bliss depending on what energy Diane dissolves or returns to you. 

Diane works with sacred crystals that have been encoded with LIGHT  to direct the energy to your blockages and heal the pain and suffering that has occurred.

Diane will contact you by email afterwards to give you any psychic insights she has picked up along with psychic information about what was done at your healing and what she may have found. She will let you know if she sees any blockages for you and what timeline you should be on.

The energy exchange is is $50 US dollars for a distant healing session that lasts 15 minutes, or $100 for 30 minutes and is remotely done from my home to your home. You will be sent instructions for your healing after purchase. You will be sent a form to fill out regarding scheduling.

Please review the Cancellation and Reschedule Policy HERE.

The healing is done remotely so no Skype is needed or phone call is needed.


Session Length