September Portals and Energies of the Ascension Gateways

My Council of Advanced Interplanetary Light was with me the night of the recent Supermoon Gateway and beyond. This is the picture I took on September 9th of the Moon Portal. We also heard the same sound I have heard in the past when different races have appeared to me in my house in person. This sounded something like the earth sound that have been recorded around the world. It is very hard to describe unless a person has heard it for themselves. I have also heard this sound another time when I was thrown into another dimension while I was in a retail store. None of the others noticed anything, yet I was paralyzed and unable to move. My consciousness had moved to another time and space.

Yes, I am a contactee and a communicator of our Star Family of many different races. We know what they sound like as we have heard them before when the Council members have appeared to me in person. What is amazing is when the sound was there this is the picture I got. When the sound left the pictures of the moon went back to being normal moon looking.

This Gateway Portal has been intense and we have opened extra gateways into the higher dimensions as we go though the ascension process.  As we open these gateways we also open the gateways within ourselves. This helps with our evolvement and all the evolvement of every being on our beautiful planet Gaia. As we evolve we become more into being who we really are. We stand in our center and celebrate our authentic self that no one can ever take away. It does not matter what anyone tries to do to any of us, we are multidimensional. Gaia thanks us for this and tells us to keep up the momentum into the September Equinox on the 22nd/23rd of this month. This is the next powerful portal coming our way.

We brought the energy down from the Cosmos to the very core of our wonderful Earth mother. You may have done this with a ritual. I was called to bring this energy down as the evening progressed. This was very moving for me as I do this all the time, but the energy this night was so intense I became one with the Universal Portal itself. I felt an energy that was so powerful, unlike what I have felt before with these Gateways.

You may have been feeling very intense, merging even closer with our Creator and our higher selves. You may feel or felt these past days like you had a helmet on your head. There has been intense head pressure as we expand our DNA in these areas. Cold shivers up and down the legs, more structural changes occurring. Sleep is sparse as the energies were just too high. Waking up periodically and then not getting back to sleep. Then some days sleeping too much. You may feel your connection went into high stream, this is how I have felt. This connection is our guide to our higher selves and our guides, it is an explosive feeling to have such a super charged connection.

Be sure and ground and stay close to nature and the earths goodness and heart. Keep your own heart open and pay attention to the feelings that come in big and small. Stay connected to get the maximum benefits. Drink plenty of water and sleep when you can. If sleep is difficult at night, then naps are perfect anytime. Keep your immune system high with good food and green smoothies.

These Portals open up more dimensions and gateways which can unlock our consciousness to our Star brothers and sisters. Look for contact with our Star Family. When you are outside, look up, not down. Look in the daytime not just at night. This is when the more advanced contact can take place. If you would like contact, make that intention and speak it to them telepathically. Be sure to set boundaries as I have stated in my past videos and articles about how to connect with our Star Family. I  consider myself an expert in this field since I have had face to face contact with so many different races. I have had First Contact, now it is time for everyone else.

Love Diane 

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