My Altair Photo and Visitation Experience

 My Altair Photo and Visitation Experience

Let me first start off by saying that this is just one of the many visits I have had from our Star brothers and sisters. These visits are always in person, they come to me. This is not a channeled visit this is real live visit of  First Contact which I have had many. I have nothing against channeling as I also channel messages from the higher realms including our Star Family. Lets be clear this is not channeled but a real in person visit.

This experience is one of many that have taken place. My first in person visit was the greys that came to me while I lived in Sedona, AZ. I had many inter dimensional experiences while living there as I do now in Florida. My first visit from a Mother Ship though was in 2000 in Florida and this ship was Pleiadian and this is one of my many alliances I have with our Star Family. They call themselves the Intergalactic Planetary Council of Light. I have been visited since 2000 actively. Coincidentally this is also when my ascension experiences started ( wink)

How this experience started, was my husband and I first noticed a very loud strange noise outside out house. We were living in Kissimmee Florida at the time which is near Orlando. I had heard this same noise before. I was in a retail store a year before this experience and suddenly I received one of my downloads, only this time I was paralyzed right in the retail store. All the other shoppers were walking around me as if nothing was going on and this is because nothing was going on for them, only me. This is how many of my other dimensional experiences are. I heard while in the store a sound like you may have heard others report of the Earth sounds. Yes these sounds are real. Of course I was hearing this telepathically third eye and through my interdimensional hearing. Quickly, not to get side tracked about this experience I was thrown temporarily into another dimension which lasted only about ten minutes altogether which includes the recovery time when I became unparalyzed and able to walk around in the store again.

So my husband and I heard this same kind of sound outside our house, it was slightly different this time though. Just to be sure and of course to be clear in what was happening, we went driving all through the neighborhood looking and listening to where this sound could be coming from. We found the sound only became more distant the further we went from our house. I had my daughter come to our house too to see if she could hear it and she also heard it. This sound lasted 4 days and nights never stopping at all and never a break in the sound. It was definitely coming from above us and was not on the ground.

By the third day I was honestly getting tired of it because we could not go outside around our house without hearing it. I regularly go outside in my yard to meditate, pray and tune into the Universal energies of nature and I could not go out these days the noise was so loud. I was wondering if it would ever end and asked that it stop.

The morning of the fourth day is when the Altairs showed up to me in my bedroom. I had just woken up and was getting out of bed for the day when suddenly they appeared in front of me. There had been no sign they were coming (only the sound we had heard (now the 4th day) 24/7 over our house) and no inkling that they were on their way to me, but I am always aware this is how all inter dimensional experiences happen to me. I am never given any advance notice. I am always just in the experience of whatever it is and I am coping and observing with whatever is happening to me at that moment in time. This is why I stress in all my articles, and in my courses I teach you must live in the present moment. If you do not live in the present moment these experiences can by pass you because you are mentally in the past or future. 

 When they showed up I did what I always do when anything from other dimensions is shown to me and went immediately into observer mode. This is the best thing you can as this slows down your heart rate and you go into something of a slowed down alternate reality so you can take in whatever is taking place. You can then take in whatever is happening to you in a balanced non fear way which is something I also advise when I am working with clients who want to experience other dimensional beings.  When they first appeared I just observed them and they looked at me as if they were awaiting orders from me on what to do.  I then heard them say this to me telepathically which is how they communicate :“Everyone is actually their own frequency, they do not just emit a frequency or vibration, they themselves are a unique frequency in the Universe.  If you can think of yourself this way, a whole world will open up for you”
 As quick as they appeared was just as quick as they left. I got up and left the bedroom and went outside and sure enough just as I had sensed at that moment the loud noise left and has not returned. I was then told it was their cloaked ship that was above our house and since I can see into other dimensions I was able to see them and communicate with them.
This is one of the most beautiful experiences I have had as are all my experiences with our Star Family. Yes they exist, they exist just as we do, it’s just not everyone is able to comprehend this since the 3D programming has been so strong and in place so until the programs and illusions are fully lifted, this is when the rest of humanity will start to see them. This is the message I am given from them.

I have enlisted the help of an artist to draw in colored pencil the way they looked when they appeared to me. This picture is overall accurate. I am very picky about the things I experience being accurately and authentically presented. This is the same way I am when I talk about my experiences in other dimensions. I want to always convey the real experience and how it takes place so others can understand when they have other worldly experiences and first contact what they may expect. ( added description) They were about 5 feet tall with the 2 females standing behind the male in front. The male was a little shorter. They had jet black hair and black eyes. Their outfits were jumpsuits that were a greenish blue. Their skin was a light blue. They all matched perfectly except for the fact that the one in front was a male. Their skin looked like normal human skin. I saw no other abnormalities. They were adults.

When they appeared of course I had already had been visited by the greys (I talk about this in one of the first articles on my blog) so it is not shocking to me to have them visit me. And since this encounter I have been visited by many other races. I will talk about these experiences in my upcoming posts.

Everyone will eventually have first encounters (first contact) with races of our Star Family. It is only a matter of time until everyone raises their own frequency enough that they can access the higher dimensions needed to see and communicate with them.

Love and Eternal Light

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