Psychic Update ~ Experiences of the Equinox and Eclipses


By Diane Canfield

Good Day Tribe of Love and Light,

This was a very powerful trio of energies that has come in for the month of March. I am foreseeing the June and December Solstices and the September Equinox to be just as powerful. Be prepared this year for some very high energy coming in consistently. 2016 is the year of Big changes coming for human kind. We are moving even faster now into the realms of 5D. Many of us exist there all the time now, seeing more, feeling more and knowing more. These are the psychic abilities that are now coming on board for everyone.

Soon the masses will start to experience psychic phenomenon and this is where someone like me will come into play. There may be fear when first getting these abilities, not knowing what they mean and what to do with them. This is why is it useful to seek  guidance and follow a reputable psychic ( someone like me ) or someone of your choosing 🙂 Be sure they are reputable, a real psychic does not tell you what you want to hear, they tell you what you need to hear to make progress 🙂 A real psychic is not unicorns and fairies they are about really guiding others to progress that lasts a lifetime.

Some of my and others experiences during this time of high intensity :

Extreme Tiredness

We feel like we want to sleep night and day. This is because we are integrating the new energies that are coming in and they take a huge toll on the body. It is not easy to change and upgrade DNA through the entire physical body and transform the body into the light body. Lucky for me I have seen many light bodies in various forms so I know what all of this means.

Ancient and Parallel Life Memories Surfacing

When I sit down to meditate or lay down to rest, I keep getting other realities that I have lived or are living at the same time coming into my awareness. These all make perfect sense at the time they are happening but when it is over, it is nothing like the reality in this place. This is ALL of my lives coming together within myself, all at once. Coming into complete alignment with who I really am. This is required for the ascension process, to be able to become complete with all of our past lives and current other lives in other realities coexisting at the same time.

Extreme Vibration in the Feet

My feet are vibrating 24/7 all day every day for the past 2 weeks or so. Remember every chakra will open up and vibrate, sometimes for months on end. Yes every one.:) We will also have other areas that vibrate that are being upgraded with new DNA which can include the feet, arms, legs, every area that needs a clearing and an upgrade.

Wobbly Feeling in the Legs

We are gaining new legs during this time. When getting up from sitting many times I felt like I had no legs at all. It felt like I was floating on air. This is an odd feeling in the beginning because it doesn’t even feel like the my legs are moving. Slowly it is happening more and more and now it does not feel so odd.

Giant Feeling 

Some have reported the giant feeling that I talked about experiencing years ago. For those that don’t remember, I woke up one morning and went to the kitchen sink to wash my hands. When I looked at them they were about 10 sizes bigger than they should be. This lasted about 5 minutes and then my hands went back to normal size. This is our light body expanding making way for all of our soul to fit into it. This may happen to many more now as they awaken and join the ascension party.

Seeing More Truth

This will be jarring for many as they jump into the higher realm awareness and see the truth that has been hidden from them. It is not easy to be faced with the truth when the illusion and overlay of the 3D world has been in place for so long. The dark aspects of society can no longer hide and they have been taking place for years. Remember the truth eventually always comes to the surface, it may take time but it always does. As more gain more dimensional awareness, more will be able to see the truth that has been in front of them all along but they didn’t want to see. It won’t be easy to see the agendas of the controllers and of others but this has to take place for enlightenment to occur. It may turn out to be the exact opposite of the 3D media spin and they will wonder why they didn’t realize it before. Don’t be hard on yourself when this occurs, it can only occur when enough awareness is reached in each person.

First Wavers 

Some of the things first wavers will experience will not be the same as the second wavers.  The first wavers have already been through many many experiences, many experiences are rare and not as well known.These are the ones I am usually talking about.

Second wavers might feel right now instant manifestation or synchronicity taking place, yet this was already passed years ago by forerunners of the ascension process. I will talk in another article about how to manifest for yourself because its much more than just instant manifestation taking place. There are many levels above that.


Layers upon layers in each persons soul have to be looked at in the ascension process. Just when we have worked through one aspect of ourselves, another aspect that needs healing is shown to us. The layers will keep on coming for many years.

These layers is how we traverse the higher dimensions and how they open up for us. If we shut down and do not do the work involved in the layers that are shown, we can not move into the next level of enlightenment.

Look for these layers to open up as we are dealing with others. We may then see something about ourselves that seems out of alignment with who we really are. Then is the time to go into our sacred place and work this out within ourselves. How did we get this misalignment and how can we fix it.

We must first look to ourselves in the Ascension process and then reach outward for those that need guidance. We must study ourselves to find the answers. This is how we move dimensions, within ourselves. Our consciousness elevates first then the body with its DNA changes and activations catches up. We are not instantly manifesting, we are the manifestation itself in this creation we call reality.

I love you all ! In service and Love 🙂
Diane Canfield
Ascension Teacher-Psychic Medium-Star Races Contactee-Wave Expert
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Diane Canfield is a Psychic Clairvoyant Medium who Communicates with those that have passed over in her client sessions and also gives psychic readings and healings. She is a Prophetic Visionary and Transformational Healer. She is a Psychic Diviner Catalyst for change, not only in people's lives but in the building and creation of the New Earth as well. She psychically tunes in and heals others through her clients sessions, articles, special events, and videos. As a Prophetic Visionary knowing information beyond this realm. She travels through many different realms at the same time. She lifts Humanity to higher levels of Consciousness through her extensive knowledge of the unseen and unknown. She is in constant communication with higher realms of consciousness and beings who reside there.