October 8th Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse and The Three Steps to Receive Celestial Energy Transmissions

October 8th Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse and The Three Steps to Receive Celestial Energy Transmissions

With the Equinox behind us, we may think we can leave those energies behind but they are still lingering. They bring us into the Gateway of the October 8th Full Blood Lunar Eclipse and the October 23rd Partial Solar Eclipse. These Celestial Transmissions are continuing all the way through to the end of the year. I will talk about the next ones following these in my upcoming articles. For those that may not know, this means celestial bodies (such as the Sun, moon, and planets) that bring us higher awareness and flow energies to us of expanded consciousness.

The energy now remains high and unstable. We never know from one day to the next what the energy and higher realms bring to us. Yet that is Divine within itself because we must now be more tuned into energy than ever before. This forces us to accept the realms beyond us and above us. We now see more of what reality is than ever. We breathe in this higher awareness as we breathe life in itself.
We are now fully engulfed in the process of the shift and there is no turning back.

The full blood lunar eclipse and partial solar eclipse will bring us powerful gateways once again. Why is this important? It is important because every Gateway we go through leads us to expanded consciousness and higher awareness. This is why we must pay attention to these Gateways give them our full attention. Many have asked me, “What can we do to prepare?”.

The first step is to understand these Gateways is to understand the energies are going to affect us Now. We no longer have to be confused when the energy comes in as to what is taking place. We accept and surrender to what is. We know these transmissions are for our highest good so we do not complain or resist. In fact, just the opposite. We welcome them as we know in our hearts that these energies help us with our ascension at this time. All of these Gateway Portals help us to ascend. We will have many insights of higher vibrations during these times. We will experience revelations and higher knowledge that we did not have access to before. We see things in a new light when there is no resistance and fully accepting our roles as ascended masters that create our reality as we move along in our stream of consciousness.

This is moving out of 3D consciousness and moving into 5D and above. This is exactly how it takes place with these energetic downloads with the celestial transmissions and the help we get from our Star Family and our Creator. While in these changes we merge and connect with the upgrades that happen as they happen. We do not resist these changes. As ascension masters we now work with the changes and energies we are feeling.This means we do not put them off and deal with them later. We adapt to them as they are actually coming in for us and then we are assimilating the new us in a higher consciousness.

What this means is when we move into the higher consciousness aspects we have more connections to the entire Universe and all the knowledge and wisdom that it holds. We also become much more sensitive and tuned into these celestial transmissions that occur through out the year for us. The moon has ALWAYS been a very powerful transmitter for us, as well as the SUN. So now with each transmission we are even more connected. To connect means to become one with the Universal consciousness. This is our goal on this plane of existence and on others when we change realities.

So how do we prepare?

The first step as I said is to just accept the fact that as these transmissions take place and to realize we are going to be affected by them NOW and going forward. Just as we have been consistently been receiving these upgrades for the past 3 years in an intense way. This will only increase with the shift in full progress as it is now. We will become more affected and yet more in tune with each shift. Pay attention to the transmissions as they come in. Become a conductor for the energies so they can move through you. Adapt and process each one and look for new insights and awareness that was not there before.

Step 2: Realize this is now in your daily life so you can plan accordingly. Do not schedule intense meetings where clear thinking is needed if at all possible on these days of upgrades. I do try not to give readings on days of intense energies as I have found even though I am SUPER plugged in, my consciousness is in between other dimensions. While this might make for interesting readings I feel more comfortable absorbing the energies and giving all my attention to these transmissions. This is how progress is made when we fully absorb the energies as they come to us. They give each person exactly what they need to progress in just the right timing.

Step 3: Try to relax and meditate during these days and get into nature as much as possible. Be still so you can really feel the energy and let it come into you and change you. Let it completely over take you so you can be a changed person when the wave has stopped. Remember the more sensitive we are the more we will FEEL. Even beings who do not feel anything are still being affected, it will just be on an unconscious level of awareness. They will then be able to process these waves when they are ready.

What we are experiencing now in the Gateway 

We  are in these gateways  experiencing extreme time shifts. This means we do not know when something has taken place as to when it took place.  Did we dream it or did it actually happen? When did we do something? Was it yesterday or was it today? If you find yourself in discussions with people as in, no this happened yesterday, or no this happened today… you are not alone. It has become very very difficult now to pin time down. This is also a sign of the shift and more magnetic field weakening as I have talked about in my previous articles and will discuss more about later.

Our dreams are now completely lucid as we travel in the astral realms. Yes this is a real dimension we go to each night when we go into our sleep mode. Now we feel like we are actually in this dimension and playing out scenarios with our passed on loved ones or living friends. I have many dreams where I am with people that are my friends and we are really working hard in the astral to change this reality for the better. We have projects that we work on to bring more conscious awareness to this reality. I am always meeting with high evolved beings of light that I work with to be able to bring this awareness to this reality.

As we move into higher consciousness awareness, more and more things start to occur for us that we did not have access to before. One of these is instant manifestations. Take extra care now with what you think about and what you talk about and how you word things. Do not talk about anything negative with anyone or your own self talk. These days with the New energy coming in these things can manifest quickly. I have seen this for myself and for others around me. Also be aware we can also manifest many positive things for ourselves now much easier than in the past.  I have done this many times for myself. I manifested and healed a health condition I had in a fairly short period of time. I will be teaching an upcoming class on how to do this for everyone.

If you have not worked through your inner fears now is the time to do this. Start a checklist of what you are afraid of and go down the list to determine where this fear comes from and where it started at in your life. You will see the pieces fit together like a big puzzle piece and be able to now see more clearly where these irrational fears are based on. The past does not predict the future as many people think. This is 3D thinking. Everyday is a new day to create the reality we want for ourselves. This is the way of the higher 5D and above dimensions and the reality of the higher dimensional consciousness is there for everyone to access.

This shift is not only taking place on our planet but the entire Universe. We are all connected. We welcome this shift and the higher awareness that comes with it. We may have to guide others and give them a hand up as this process continues and that is o.k., as long as they also do their part and help themselves. We can guide, we can no longer save and rescue others. Remember to help others we must have something to give them so we ourselves must work on ourselves to be able to tap into the higher awareness it takes to really help someone else.

Our Galactic family waits for us to enter higher awareness states so they can interact with us. This is all it takes to interact with them. This must be one of our top priorities now to lift our consciousness to meet them. They are waiting for us. These Celestial transmissions help to bring us closer to them. Each step of higher consciousness brings us closer and closer. We do not need to wait for them to land, they can visit us anywhere, even in our own house as they visit me. Many of them are inter dimensional and can move from dimension to dimension. They have no limits and this is the reality we are also moving into.

Love Diane

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