New Transmissions, New Knowledge And New Chakra Activations

New Transmissions, New Knowledge And New Chakra Activations

As the Equinox portal activated on the 22nd and 23rd, I was hit with intense radiating light and new transmissions. The downloads were intense, so much so that I had a hard time staying in my body for the day. I was giving readings that day and it was wild with all the physical sensations in the upper chakras and the downloads of new transmissional knowledge that was coming into my being.

The energies and transmissions of higher knowledge and awareness were intense followed by wave after wave of crown chakra and higher dimensional chakra activations up to and beyond the 20th chakra. The knowledge that came in was astounding. This was pure knowledge being transmissioned directly from the Creator. There were physical symptoms along with higher awareness downloads being activated.

Many of us have already gone into our past and reconciled all of the past occurrences, these downloads have been coming in intermittenly for the past 3 years. This was something completely different and very intense. Although some people are now going through this, this was something I have completed. Now I was able to do this for other people rather than myself.  This was brand new as in the past downloads it was always centered on myself.

How this manifested was I could actually start to see into other souls and have complete compassion for them and what they have been through in life. We are merging more and more with the Creator and Christ Consciousness to have the most beautiful compassion for others that we can have. This is our step to the higher dimensions and realities. As we step into this completeness, this is exactly how we feel, more complete and merging with our Divine Soul.

I was not only to see into their soul but also to understand why they had made the choices they had made in life. To have further knowledge about what their motivating factors are for all the choices they have made and to understand why they are in life where they are right now. The compassion and empathy was overflowing and this new awareness was very uplifting to my soul.

As a psychic I can always see into a persons soul and see their true self. I see their soul and who they really are. Their actions many times do not line up with their soul purpose and this I can see and guide them to their unique purpose in this lifetime. This is caused from programming and blocks that have accumulated through no fault of their own. We have all had to deal with these and discard what no longer works for us.

This was very far though beyond what I normally am capable of seeing clairvoyantly. This ascension activation went much further and deeper. This is the new energies and realities that are coming to us all. We can look into another soul and know what they are about, they do not have to talk it is all done telepathically and soul to soul communication. This is a new step forward in our ascension and higher awareness portals.

These downloads and activations started coming in on the 22nd and lasted all day on the 23rd. These have activated each person on the planet. They may not feel this or know this has happened but it will be accessed for them at a later time when they are ready and have completed their own activation cycle of awareness. This will include to discover who they truly are, as this is the road to complete happiness and peace. It is very empowering to find your true self and your Divine being.

This Equinox and the days before and after has been the most intense Equinox yet for me. I have experienced some very intense Equinox’s and solstice’s in the past and even been downloaded so much I was paralyzed in my chair for hours at a time. This activation was not as intense as those times, yet the chakra downloads were intense. Then the new knowledge that came in made it even more sublime.

As we move closer to our Creator with these waves of light coming in, these portals become much more intense and much more significant. They are now filled with higher knowledge, the knowledge of the highest creations and the Universe. This is a new turn of events for all ascension masters as we must be ready to accept these shifts in consciousness. This means we must spend time accepting the alignments as they come in for us. We need to be open to receive these activations.

This happens as we moved into new areas of the Universe and through the photon belt. This belt itself is filled with higher awareness and it is our destiny to go through it as this time. This is why we are here now, to experience this soul to soul communication and then be able to interact with our Galactic community as I already do, as many of you already know. These activations are preparing everyone to interact with our Star Sisters and Brothers. LOVE is the KEY.

As we approach the October 8th full blood moon total eclipse, let’s prepare for more activations to come. This too is a major portal and gateway for we are all ascended masters and gate keepers here now to help each other with our ongoing ascension and activations.We must show love to ourselves first and then to each other to be able to give love the way it is meant to be given. Real love is real acceptance and Light. This is the new Love, Compassion and Empathy coming in now.

Love and Eternal Light

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