March 20th Equinox Meditation Event Interdimensional Experiences

By Diane Canfield

Blessings Beloveds,

The March Equinox Meditation event was a HUGE success and I have many experiences of the participants to share with all of you including my own. Being a psychic clairvoyant- my own experiences, even in everyday life are magnified as once you traverse into the higher realms nothing is ever the same. Every day is an adventure as to what higher dimensional beings or experiences will occur. These are addictive as 3D life can seem very slow and repetitive, where as with higher dimensional life, there is always something new happening that is not of this reality.

About an hour before the event, I felt the connection taking place to the participants that had joined and felt their energy flowing into me. This is an exciting experience because I am connecting with hundreds of other people who have all chosen to experience the same thing at the same time. As the facilitator of many interdimensional events it happens for me this way every time. Every time I CONNECT with my attendees before the event even takes place. This is the same for my personal sessions with clients, I will feel them tuning into me before the session takes place and their ancestors and loved ones who have passed start to connect with me. I am given many messages even before the event or client session starts.

In this event, I felt all of the ancestors of all of the attendees start to float in all around me to see what messages they would be given. There were thousands of these ancestors coming in. I then did the energetic ritual to clear all of the participants ancestors of their karma and their ties that would hold back the attendees progress and light body activation. This can take some time as the rituals I use are complex and all based on moving energy. I will not be able to share all the details of what it is like to clear ancestral ties from large groups of people due to participants privacy issues but I can say all of the ancestors were estatic for their karma to be removed and their family members would be free of this burden. It is always a wonderful experience for me to be able to facilitate these events for others and to witness the progress made, during and after the event.

For me, since the week of the event I have raised in frequency, so now all colors have taken on an extra bright hue. This is especially noticeable when out in nature. I can not describe the explosion of colors I am now seeing. They are deeper and brighter than ever before. You might also notice this when you ascend to a higher level of consciousness. This continues as we continually ascend to even higher levels. There are no limits as to what we can experience.


Experiences Of The Attendees 

*These are only some of the experiences of the hundreds of participants that joined this powerful event. I heard back from many but could only include a handful.  I have included only the first name to insure privacy.*

This particular meditation had to be one of the most beautiful, loving, powerful and healing I’ve experienced. Tears of healing love streamed down my face throughout my journey. I asked my Nana to take me back….overwhelming love. Extremely emotional my heart was so full, expanded…then through my minds eye appeared the most brilliant, electric, ethereal, wispy pulsating wisps of glorious colours. Soft pinks, peaches, magnificent hues of stunning purples, electric blues and apricots. There were also sparks/twinkles of white light. Then an emerald heart appeared and gently wafted in the middle of my third eye and gently floated/pulsed away and more of the brilliant pulses and wisps of colours returned…a darker hole/tunnel/portal appeared and I/we moved towards and through it and into the calm/stillness surrounded by a very soft pink like cloud/mist – calmness and still for a bit. I then felt like I’d lost contact as my regular thoughts began to emerge…work…But then came the magnificent colours once more into my third eye/mind and as before it was just incredibly emotional for me, my heart centre was so expanded and thankful and I told them I loved them all thanked them. I felt a HUGE release and had tears streaming down my face and I just could hold it in any longer and burst into howling tears…I couldn’t recall the last time I’d cried! Just an amazing experience, I felt exhausted afterwards and made a cuppa (it was 3am here in Oz)

Beautiful, many thanks and Blessings to you Diane
 xxx Marisa

Please extend my heartfelt gratitude and thanks to Diane for yesterday’s amazing meditation.  I have been meditating since the late 60s and am a psychic and shaman, so I am not exactly an amateur in these matters.
 You weren’t kidding when you said the 12 pm meditation was powerful.  I did the later one because I work full-time.  I lay down on the floor to do it (because when energies are really powerful I have to lie down — I attended a mass teaching of the Dalai Lama years ago and had to lie down to receive the teaching because the energy was so intense).  First my male cat lay down beside me, and then his sister came a few minutes later and lay down on top of me.  Even the cats realized how powerful Diane’s meditation was!
I saw my ancestors as thousands of orbs of shining golden light.  I also had weird sensations that defy description.  I felt an electrical tingling in my legs that was simultaneously warm and icy cold.  I also felt a strange pulsing sensation on the top of my right forearm.
I came out of it feeling cleansed and lighter.
Peace and blessings,

I would like to share with you my yesterday’s meditation experience.
I had a strong pressure on my head during most of the meditation and then my body was vibrating I was spinning very fast. I felt my heart chakra very strong too. When the meditation ended I felt like dancing. Then a strong feeling of sadness rushed over me and I cried seeing scenes of mothers separated from their children. When I finished crying I stared dancing again.
At night I had a dream of my ancestors giving me a secret about my birth. It was very interesting and I was very emotional.
Today I feel happy!
Thank you so much Diane

That was quite wonderful!  After all my known ancestors came in, they brought in older members of the family tree.  Then there was a feline being!  And a green being similar to the green Tara.  Then a kind of amorphous being that seemed mostly air.  And a Chinese man with red shoes!  My cat had jumped up on the couch and went to sleep next to me.  Suddenly I was aware that more cats were there, and licking my kitty.  His family group, I guess.  A wonderful equinox/full moon experience!

Thank you to Diane.

After sending love to ancestors and self, I drifted to a scene where I was on a rocky cliff. I wanted to touch the water, but it was several feet below me.  I sensed that someone would have to hold my feet and dangle me down off the cliff so I could touch the water.  It was an odd sense of knowing this had already happened and I was re-experiencing it as if it were the first time.

I quickly switched to hearing a conversation between two people. One person was saying, “I already rescued one person from the water. I can do it again.”   Sometimes it felt like I was overhearing the conversation and sometimes it felt like I was a part of it.
Not sure if it was a scene from a past life or if I was experiencing something important in an ancestor’s life. It felt like the coast of Ireland or Brittany, where many of my ancestors came from.
It will be interesting to see what else unfolds.
Thank you,

The healing activation event was very powerful. I hadn’t slept in a little while and was so lethargic and suffering from lots of purging and it cleared all of that for me. Quite interesting as I was working on trauma from the family line. xx

As I had two sets of grandparents from both mother’s and father’s side , I first went back in time all the way back to the Sumerian period …
Went back with both sets of ancestors … that constituted one journey in time … the second time I went back with grandparents on my mother’s side only … the third time I will go back in time with my father’s parents and complete the triad … as for experiencing anything , I experienced an expansion of the third eye as well as an expansion of ( for want of a better expression ) my crown chakras … thank you for the opportunity to resolve karmic issues that I’d always sensed the need of resolution …


Some of the other experiences of the attendees were feeling lighter and happier ( this is because the LIGHT BODY is no longer burdened by the karma from the ancestors of the past), seeing many brighter colors that didn’t exist before, whole body vibrating, third eye visions and more.

Stay tuned for more events on my event tab on my website.

In Service and Love

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