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A few months ago I heard from my ET Council ” You feel you are on the same earth but you are not, this may look the same but it is not. Your earth has moved up in frequency and so have you.”  This happened as I was driving home from doing some errands. My aura at these times becomes super ignited and intense. Many times messages come to me when I am not engaged in any other activity and am fully present in the moment. This was no exception. I felt this but it is always nice when my star friends talk to me and give me more details. This is not only true for me but for everyone, we have all moved dimensions we just need to believe this is true and bring it into our reality.

The issue is many are still stuck in the old 3D paradigm not realizing things have changed. The rules have changed now, we now have access to many abilities we did not have in the past. This can include anything you are able to think of including telepathy as I talked about in my previous posts.  I have used my new abilities the past few months and will be teaching others how to use them. It is just a matter of now tapping in and realizing we are not in the same reality we were before.

This is what the shift is all about. Spend time in your inner portal and start the manifestation process of what you want. It is all there for everyone to tap into and ignite. When a situation comes up that was like the past, we no longer need to react the same way. We can now react in the new way, with the new energy, in the new consciousness that does not includes limits. This takes becoming aware of our thinking and our actions as they are taking place. Then to change the manifestation of what we do not want into what we do want for ourselves. We now have more ability to manifest the outcome we want to take place. We are in the time of Cosmic Amplified Awareness which leads to super connectedness to each other and all of the Universe. This includes all Star family members spread across not only our Galaxy but all the Galaxies.
Love Diane

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