Current Energies-
As we experience geomagnetic conditions and time shift activity this last week, we take the energy elevator up the higher floors. What this means is the energy is ripe for the paranormal.  Of course for me the paranormal is my normal.  The mists I have seen appearing around objects are back again. The mists look something like spirits but they are actually coming off objects and they are small, not large like how spirits appear to me. The current energies we are experiencing can cause extreme tiredness but not being able to sleep, also the opposite of sleeping too much,  extreme thirst, anxiety or feelings or bliss. I also have been experiencing some tingles on top of the head the past few days and more crown chakra activations.  Also eye issues again with very blurry eyes, which means our eyes are again going through upgrades. Extreme thirst is being experienced again along with feeling too hot. All of these symptoms are DNA activations occurring to our bodies and consciousness to be able to see more, feel more and hear more of the higher realms. Memory issues are now back along with more time issues. Time is moving too slow or too fast. It will continue to oscillate this way until it finally evens out to NO time. This is a process we are in and we are in it to the finish line now.

As we deal with these  increased energies we are going again back to the past to make sense of things. We do this so we can fully align with the Divine aspect of ourselves to also be able to merge more fully with the Divine. Some of these aspects can be painful as some might see they have strayed off course. Some of the clients I have been working with have related this to me. They wonder where they took a wrong turn, but the good news is because of the heightened energy, they are now able to see the path they need to be on more clearly. Do not beat yourself up if your life has taken a wrong turn for any reason or if you feel you have not made the progress you wanted to. The progress will be made, all in the way of correcting our course. We just make a new choice and jump into a new timeline. Now is the time to really pay attention to our lives and if we are where we want to be spiritually. The energy is calling us to get back on track and do the inner work involved to manifest the life we now are in alignment with.

We have definitely been taking the energy elevator up to the next levels of consciousness. This is, in fact, what the shift is all about. To expand our consciousness so we can FEEL more, SEE more, HEAR more and BE more. This means to embrace the telepathic messages we now receive. Telepathy is here now and not just for the psychic like me. Embrace your pets when you come home and ask them what they need, they will answer you. Not in words but listen with your heart to them and to all other beings of Gaia. Telepathic communication is easy once you get used to using it. It’s best to try it with your pets and animals first if you have no experience with it. This is how they have always communicated so for them they want to hear you this way and for them to hear you. The plant kingdom also loves to talk to us. Send love as you pass trees on your way somewhere and when you come back the next day see how they respond. Many times their leaves and branches will turn toward you as you pass them. You will also hear them talking to you. Telepathic communication used to exist in ancient cultures. It is still there for us to access, just tune in and you will be able to hear it.

As the gateways open and we expand our consciousness we are  being able to see animals display attributes we were not able to see before. They display kindness and love to other animals and creatures. Once when they may have been enemies they can now be friends. This is higher awareness that now kicks in also in the animal kingdom. All the kingdoms are being affected by the shift, we just have to notice things are not the same as they were before. We see so many NEW things everyday that we were not able to see or experience. This is the Shift. 

As we continue to increase our frequency we now have access to situations and events in our lives we did not have access to in the past. This will continue and increase in the months ahead. This means once a situation has happened, it does not need to have the outcome that would have taken place in the past. Now we are able to create a new outcome instead of the old one. All that is needed for this is to be able to believe it can happen and to manifest your desired outcome. Be very clear about asking for the outcome you want. There is nothing now out of reach, We gain more and more power each day we are active in the Shift.  This is a sign of more and more connection to the Divine when we can access this power.

I have been reporting about the shift/ascension process for years now. I used to be involved in every download and would even track them noticing groups of people would be affected by them at different times. Sometimes as much as a month apart from each other. These days things are more synchronized and most of us that have experience with these downloads are feeling things around the same times. Lately I have wanted  to take more time to myself and I have found the past few months this has taken place for me. Just like many people who change what they thought was important at one time is no longer important. But now I have the higher awareness I need to get back into the flow and keep everyone updated on what is happening energetically and with the ascension process. My ET family of many races has asked me to do this again now so I will put more time into not only keeping everyone aware of our raising consciousness but also what our ET family has to say about everything that has been going on.

Our ET friends are very much helping us with this process and are eager to see us join the stage of Universal beings of Light and Love. As we ascend into the further realms, everyone has more and more of a chance to make contact with them as I do on an ongoing basis. This is part of the ascension process, to make contact with other interdimensional beings and to make it in a physical way not just a telepathic process. Everyone can look forward to this as the event happens one person at a time, as each person works to expand their consciousness.

Love to each of you

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