Energy Update: Wave of Nausea / Geomagnetic Storms Arrive Bringing In Ascension Symptoms/ Fatigue Continues

By Diane Canfield

Blessings Everyone,

Geomagnetic Storms have arrived with High Solar wind causing massive Ascension Symptoms. Solar wind speed: 461.3 km/sec ( normal is 250 to 350)

Yesterday afternoon I felt a HUGE wave of nausea hit out of nowhere/ this was caused by the  high intensity wave of geomagnetic storms that came in.

Last night I had a VERY hard time sleeping then woke up after only a few hours/  was not able to get back to sleep caused again from the high solar winds and geomagnetic storms.

We had been through a massive upgrade in Ascension since last October flowing through all of 2020 and it continues. Reports that it will slow down after the March Equinox are false, expect to be massively upgraded all of this year.

Intense Fatigue continues as we progress our light body and go through the next phase of light body building. Remember the light body builds as we raise our consciousness.

Anyone feeling any ascension symptoms, (even though at times they are difficult) should feel proud of themselves because this shows they are reaching higher states of consciousness and ascending.

Remember there are many that feel nothing. This is slowing increasing as more join the Ascension Team.

Being able to FEEL when energy changes occur is your first clue you may be tuned in. Be aware this is a SPECIAL gift you have and it can be cultivated in so many other ways and areas.

Remember to ground when ascension symptoms occur, this is the best cure for all ascension symptoms.

I will discuss this more in a future post. Stay Tuned.

Love Diane