Energy Update: Timeline Shift Continues / Light Body Building Accelerated

By Diane Canfield

Blessings Everyone,

The  Timeline shift is still in effect as I talked about in my last article you can read here.

Symptoms Of  The Current Shift  

Fatigue/ Extreme tiredness even when waking up in the morning


Mind Time Slips/ forgetting things that normally are easily remembered 

Intense Hunger/ This  will include your pets, please be sure and give them LOTS of extra food right now 

Intense dreams which may include celebrities or passed on loved ones 



We are in a time of high acceleration of the Light Body. This is why we are experiencing the Time shifts and all of these Extreme Ascension symptoms.

The Light Body continues to build itself within us, going at a rate which matches our level of consciousness. This is why when you attain higher consciousness you will experience more ascension symptoms. The symptoms themselves though will change depending on your own level.

The Light Body itself will lead you to TRUTH. There is ultimately only one TRUTH, it is also called Zero Point/ Christ Consciousness. I reached this state many years ago, everyone will need to reach it in order for full ascension to take place.

This will take place for everyone as they discard untruths and instead only focus on truths. The Creator/  Energy Is Truth and when this merging takes place, we become Co-Creators with The Ultimate Creator.

Stay tuned for more Energy Updates !

Love Diane