Energy Update: Geomagnetic Storms and High Solar Wind Now In Progress

By Diane Canfield

Blessings Beloveds,

We do NOW have Geomagnetic storms and High solar wind. This is creating:

  • extreme fatigue
  • tingles
  • vibrations on the body
  • sleep issues
  • bizarre dreams
  • blissful feelings coming in intermittantly

You would have noticed these today and last night when the storms and high solar wind started. These are expected to continue for a few days. I will update as the symptoms change.

Remember these storms bring in specific symptoms every time. We can not go on an outdated list of repeated symptoms that gets published over and over again.

We must move forward now in every way and the means seeking out those that are experiencing the symptoms themselves, not just repeating old lists.

It is time to start to make the move out of inauthenticity and into becoming completely authentic.

How we do this? By surrounding ourselves with authentic people and not clinging to our OLD ways of being. We must embrace NEW ways now. We must be prepared to leg go of what has not led to progress in the past.

This is not through discernment but through psychic development. We must embrace all things psychic and look for authentic psychic powers. Listen to those that have them and learn from them.

Real Information comes from out of this dimension, through tuning in psychically. Everyone has the power to develop this gift, it’s a matter of continually searching for Truth and discarding all that is not. This is the way to Evolve and move through the Ascension process.