Ascension Update, Timeline Movements, Frequency Increases


Ascension Update, Timeline Movements, Frequency Increases

By Diane Canfield

Current Energy

The last few days have been filled with fatigue and movements within other timelines. We are adapting to the energies brought in from last week. Last week we were right in the middle of timeline changes. Time line changes are when we peak and move to a different and new timeline or reality. Some of the signs of this occurring are earth changes ( earthquakes, hurricanes ) and increased psychic occurrences including seeing objects or people from other dimensions. Last week I saw two things moving in my house that are supposed to be solid and secure. The first was I was in the living room talking to my daughter when I looked past her at the porcelain doll that used to belong to my Aunt (who has passed) and the face started moving. The second incident involved a potato peeler sitting on the kitchen counter that I had used earlier in the night. I walked into the kitchen and it moved for just a split second. Obviously both these items should not be moving on their own. 

Tonight I had a spirit that was literally standing next to me in my kitchen. I saw a movement from the corner of my eye towards the kitchen counter, it was a wispy movement that spirits make. As I focused on it, it kept coming closer to me until it was right next to me. No space between us. Then a while later, while outside I saw a being whiz past me at a fast rate. Earlier I had seen an energy ball/orb hanging around my computer. You see, spirits reside in the higher planes as many star beings do also. Their frequency is much higher than ours, they are literally vibrating much faster. This is why in order to see them we have to match their frequency.

When we have this inter dimensional bleed through or interface, all kinds of realities and beings can pop in. Seeing spirits and beings from other dimensions are regular occurrences for me, but now, as I said in my last article about the 2 solid men I saw from other dimensions, things are upgrading and other dimensions are coming more clear. I am seeing more, they are more visible and many times more solid than they used to be in years past. This is an indication the energy is high and we are experiencing frequency changes.

Time Losses 

A few times this week I have been experiencing loses in time. Time lapses. One of the times I literally lost one hour. I was getting ready to go to an appointment and I ended up being late because one hour just disappeared. I got into the shower when the clock said 1:00 and when I got out of the shower it was 2:15  ( it takes me about 15 minutes to take a shower). There were other smaller ones during the week of about 20 minutes each time. This is taking place as we move up in frequency and come into the moment of NO Time. We are now approaching this timeline more rapidly.


Our dreams are becoming more  like we are awake and our waking life is becoming more like a dream. My dreams and others are so intense and lucid right now filled with messages.  We are shifting through the next realm to move even higher. We need to pass through the dream realm in order to do this. This is the 4th dimension leading to the 5th dimension. We don’t actually go through it, we just pass by. As we go through this realm things get confusing because we feel many times like we don’t know if we are dreaming or not while awake. We are feeling lighter and as if we are hovering above our body many times. We don’t feel as secure to the ground as we used to. One of my dreams was about me picking out certain people to work with on raising vibration projects I was working on. I was picking these people out from something like a netflix screen. Each person had their profile on netflix, so instead of picking out a movies or series, I was actually going through each one and picking out my soul group to work with. Right now as I have discussed in my other articles, we are meeting and teaming up with our soul group members and twin souls. Ascension brings us together in a way that was not possible before. There is a magnetic pull now towards others who we are destined to be teamed up with.

We Our Creating our New Reality NOW 

We are creating our new reality in 5D every moment of NOW. I was told in May of this year by the higher realms and source energy that we have actually moved out of 3D and so has the Earth. All we need to do now is visualize 5D and we can move into it. We are doing this and manifesting 5D now.  All we need to do is visualize all the things we WANT in the higher realms. We can manifest this reality and create it for ourselves now. How do we do this? We continually focus on creating the reality we want and not what we do not want. So that means we do not put any energy at all into negative ideas, the dark side of ourselves ( unless we are transmuting this to light ) or any fear based energies. I will go into more detail in my next article.

3D Disappearing 

You may feel as though you are loosing your 3D self these days. We are in the process of completely recalibrating who we are, as we turn into the crystalline aspects of ourselves and replace the old matrix ways of being. This may manifest is not remembering how to do mundane things that we have been doing for years. You may go to do them and you find, you just don’t remember. This is about raising to a higher frequency where these mundane 3D aspects don’t exist any more. Everything is done by thought and manifestation. Not by physical labor. Don’t worry, this is a good sign for our Ascension.

Raise your Vibration

The 3D world is filled with untruths. Almost all business run this way so employees are forced to follow suit. This happens because most business put the priority on making money above all else.  The truth can set us free. This is not just a cute cliche but actually true.

To raise your vibration be truthful  in every moment. To be in truth means to be tuned into your own energy and your own vibration and feelings. The more we are tuned into feelings, the more truth will surface for us. How do we tap into our feelings? We honestly feel and might want to express every emotion we have, all the time. YES all the time.

To honestly express every emotion is to find our soul tribe and soul mate/twin soul. Our twin can take the truth and this lets them express their truth too. We mirror this way of being for them.  I always advise to spend time doing the inner work that is needed to be a be able to handle these truthful situations as they arise. We need to own who we are and take responsibility for ourself 100 percent of the time without passing the blame onto someone else. We are responsible for our feelings.If we don’t like the way someone else makes us feel, that can be a sign from the Universe they are not in our tribe.  It just takes making choices about our life and being in empowerment to lead us down the path of our choosing, happiness and purpose.

To honor ones feelings is to honor life itself. Feelings are the guideposts of our soul. They are everything, yet not honored by 3D society. Intensely honored though by the higher realms. Feelings are much more dramatic and expressed fully with no holding back outside of this dimension. Did you ever notice in the dream state how full feelings are and intense? They are also this way in the higher realms where people go when they pass from here. When I give mediumship readings for the ones who have passed on loved ones,  the energy I feel coming into my body from them is overwhelming and the love they have for their loved ones that are still here. It is 1000 times stronger than anything that can be felt here in this reality. Feelings are real and they transcend dimensions.

The shawdow side in 3d, this dark side is not to be embraced in this reality. It is to be worked through and evolved out of. The dark side is the lower frequencies of the lower dimensions. The ascension process is all about transmuting and discarding the lower aspects of ourselves. The lower aspects are the selfish aspects that don’t care about others or their feelings. We all know how these aspects play out in 3d society. Enlightened souls know this is not the path for them. To be caring, loving, nurturing to others and also to maintain our self love at the same time is the way to 5D aand above.

Some do not want to give up their dark side, they don’t see the benefit to them to give it up. They won’t see the benefit until they give it up. This is how things work in this reality. The Universe does not work with dark aspects of anyone. The Universe and Source energy only work to bring in more light. This leaves the person that hangs onto their dark aspects not getting the guidance they need from the higher realms. The dark is a block for LIGHT to get through.

The benefits to carrying more light are tremendous. We are no longer stuck in the limited world of 3D. We can then acquire new gifts and abilities. We can see beyond the seen world. We can know beyond what is known. We are in harmony with source and the creator. The more we merge with Creator energy, the more gifts we can acquire.

As the energy of the shift increases, we are given more and more glimpse of the dark side and we must make our choice to transform the dark into light. We see what darkness does and where it leads and we are given opportunities to come into the LIGHT through the ascension process.

Our Star Council want us to know there is always a choice to ascend and come into the light and out of the darkness of fear. There will be choices all through this process. The sooner everyone chooses, the faster the process can evolve.

The shift continues into November and December with 11/11 being the next  major gateway. I will update everyone with my next article about what to expect from this gateway and upgrade. Dates coming up to take note of 11/11, 12/12 and 12/21. I will be posting articles to update everyone on all the waves coming in and what to expect.

I love you all!
Diane Canfield
Ascension Teacher-Psychic Clairvoyant Medium -Star Races Face to Face Contactee
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