World Coming Back Into Balance Through the Divine Feminine Into 5D


What happens in a World that is out of balance? Things degenerate to more and more off balance without people understanding what is happening around them. This is the same with our own personal lives, they too must be in balance.♥Why has the world been out of balance?

The Divine feminine aspect in everyone has been suppressed and held back. Why you may ask did this happen? Out of fear of the Feminine power that all women know exists inside of them. ♥

Males were forced to not acknowledge their own feminine side from peer pressure and to be able to ‘fit in’. This is why we are experiencing all the crisis that is taking place today. A world out of balance. The world would not be anything like it is today if this aspect was not suppressed.

Everything in the Universe works in harmony and balance and when one aspect is out of balance, everything becomes out of balance until balance is achieved again.♥

We are now finally in the process of achieving this balance through the awakening process that everyone is going through. ♥  The women are leading the way through this process and will emerge as the Spiritual leaders of the New World. It has to be this way until the Divine Feminine aspect in all beings is honored and respected. ♥

Diane Canfield
Spiritual Teacher, Psychic and Medium , Ascension Expert,  Star Being in Person Contactee

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