Who Are You And Where Are You From ? Channeled Message Pleiadians


Channeled Message From Pleiadians By Diane Canfield

Greetings and Love,

One of the many concerns of humans on planet Earth is who they are and where did they come from.

We know this presses on your species as a very important question many of you ask.

We feel the time is right to tell you some of your history.

You are not orginally from Planet Earth.

You were brought to Earth from a combination of other planets.

All life forms were  brought to Earth as an experiment.

Earthlings are a rare species as they have a higher level of emotion that not all species have.

Many species have high levels of intelligence but are missing key components of emotion intelligence.

This is what makes earthlings so special and why they had to be confined from other more dangerous species.

Your history does not date back that far on earth because you were instead placed here and not native to the planet.

This is why many of your species have many allergy issues along with other health issues.

Those that are from their own planet do not have these same issues.

There are many human like beings  in every solar system that is known.

The Universe is enormous and we have not discovered all of life yet.

We will return soon to tell you what the experiment entailed and why it was done…along with other needed information.