Weekly Energy Update 8/23/2015, Light Beams, Cosmic Message

Eliot-Herman-Rainbow-and-anticrepuscular-ray-during-monsoon-sw_1440341269Weekly Energy Update 8/23/2015

This weeks energy has been unstable. By that I mean from one day to the next we could be be experiencing polar extremes. One day is blissful and the next day many are reporting upsets that turn into anger either by themselves or others. Many of these upsets would not normally turn into this extreme anger, yet the person can not help themselves from being upset. There is also a feeling of being lost and alone in the void. This is all part of the Ascension process. We need to go through each energy update and adapt to it as a unique experience unfolding for us because it is. There are no two energy waves alike as we evolve into our higher aspects of multidimensional light bodies.

This is still more clearing from the collective. As the collective awakens from their slumber, those of us that are first wavers (this means fully engaged the ascension process) in the New Earth Vibrational Realities will process and transmute the negative energy they are releasing. Liken it to realizing everything they thought was real is NOT now. The energy of illusions has its own unique energy, the energy of keeping someone blind and in the dark. This is the false energy of untruth and not in alignment with the Creator. This can wreak havoc on a beings emotion systems and well being. This is what we are called to do, this is what we are doing, release these untruths from ourselves and  others in the process of Ascension.

Hey, no one said this would be easy:) BUT this is what we signed up for and are called to do. Many may not even be aware they are cleansing and processing because some of it happens on an unconscious level of awareness. But the more we are tuned in and turned on to ENERGY the more we will FEEL what is taking place.

The symptoms this week have been :

  • Extreme tiredness
  • Lucid dreaming
  • Emotional roller coaster/rapid cycling
  • Cold chills
  • Extreme thirst or hunger
  • Emotional connections and releasing of past events

As many have talked about the light beams being seen worldwide, I was able to see two columns of light yesterday in the sky as I was driving down my street. They had clouds surrounding them but they appeared very clearly to me and then disappeared. This shows they are there now all over, yet to be able to see them can take vibrating at a high level of awareness. These light beams are the beams of the 5th dimensions and above. They are the beams of the heavenly realms that now also exist in our reality. They are the beams of the Creators Light that radiates throughout the Universe. More will be able to see these as the collective consciousness increases. The higher dimensions are full of these conscious column of light.

I have had two Star beings contacting me over the last few days. The last one gave me his name as OKTO from the constellation Revelallie, and he is part of the Interplanetary Council of Light that I am already in contact with. This includes the many different races of Star Beings that I have been visited by in person. His transmission to me that I am to pass on is to live in the NOW and do not worry or think about the future and what may or may not happen. He told me to let the collective know that things are all as they should be and many races are helping us with our Ascension. The dark is becoming weaker on the planet as we grow stronger. We must continue to raise our frequency and help others to do the same. The time of service to others is still here and will now never leave us. This is the time of compassion for others, this is how the highly evolved beings in the Cosmos operate. They care deeply for us and for all others. Do not focus on the dark aspects of the 3D reality as this gives more energy to the Dark, stay in the light exclusively NOW.

As we move into September and all the predictions that have taken place, many are asking me about these. I like to completely live in the NOW. This means it does not affect me no matter what predictions are made. I feel energy changes/waves each day so to focus on energy in the future seems counter productive for me and this is what I advise everyone to focus on. Put your attention on each day and what the energy is doing that day. Make the adaptions and connections that will be useful with the current energy that day and deal with each day this way. The future is never set in stone. Each reality changes according to the choices we make and the collective makes. We can ascend into the higher frequencies everyday, there is no need to wait for anything in the future.

We are NOW in the middle of the Ascension process. Yes it is happening now. To be in the moment of NOW fully means to tune into energy each day and create the reality of the future in the present moment. As ascended light beings we do not wait for a future event but instead manifest today what we desire in our future timeline.

As I go out in 3D I notice the changes that are occurring, even in my small neighborhood. I hear of others having ascension symptoms, yet they are unaware this is what they are. I find it exciting to see so many now joining us in this process.

As we move further along, new gifts open up to us. The gift of Heart Based compassion, manifestation, telepathy, psychic abilities, teleportation and bilocation.

My cat bilocated right in front of me a few years ago, she was ahead of her time 🙂 I have bilocated  and seen this take place in my house as well as the others who live in my house. They will see me in a room walking through and I am outside and not in the house at all.

We must ease into these gifts slowly and accept all that it entails. There is no fear about any of these gifts nor evolving out of the strictly human state and becoming 5th dimensional and multidimensional light beings of the Cosmic Planetary Universe.We have reached the cusp of a new awakening.

This is a thrilling time for each of us, each and every day. Gratitude for all who contribute to this time and the Star Beings of many different races that are helping us to achieve this great Shift of transformation.

I love you all! 🙂

Diane Canfield
Spiritual Teacher, Psychic Clairvoyant Medium -Ascension Expert-Alien Face to Face Contactee
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