The Energy After the Waves Is Now Turning Into One Continuous Stream of LIGHT

awakenedBy Diane Canfield

Hello Beloved Soul Tribe and Starseeds 🙂

Waves of Light

I have noticed through out all of 2016, starting in January, all waves are now turning into one continuous stream of light that can last for weeks at a time. This is unusual in that in the past we had a wave and within a few days everything was back to business as usual, that is not the case now. Now the energy can stream in for weeks at a time.

This is how ALL of progress is made within the Universe. Evolution starts as slow jumps and then with time the jumps turn into longer episodes as more and more LIGHT is able to be held by the consciousness. As more light is held more elevated consciousness takes place.

Evolution is the streaming, holding, and progression of LIGHT. LIGHT is the CREATOR. So through the Creator we can become all things and be all things. We are becoming unlimited!12929

Everything in the Universe is here through the Source energy of the Creator and we are CO-creators of our reality. As we gain more light and are able to HOLD more light for longer periods of time we are then able to merge more with Creation. This means we are then able to become CREATION itself in real time. We are then able to do many things the Creator itself does. The Creator is all things that exist, neither man nor woman but both and everything else.

What this means for manifestation is endless and unlimited. This is why more and more manifestation has become easier. With intent and focus, manifestation can be accomplished by anyone. Manifestation and all other abilities are now coming to the forefront for many as the realize they are unlimited beings capable of anything. There are no limits in this Universe.


The last wave I talked about in my last article continues on now with all light beings able to hold more light for longer periods of time. Here are a few of the symptoms we are currently experiencing that have lingered:

  • Intense body heat. This is taking place because of our DNA changing and morphing into our LIGHT BODY. When our light body is fully online, this is when we will be able to hold the maximum amount of LIGHT. As we embody more light, more things become possible that were not possible before.
  • Fatigue: We are still processing the changes to our body structure, this causes fatigue as all the energy cells are used for this purpose
  • Tripping, falling and scraping ourselves: This happens because as we are expanding into our light body, which is HUGE,  we are not aware of the limitations of our own body.
  • Intense Dreams/Lucid Dreams: Whenever we change frequencies we always experience an onslaught of intense dreaming. When the dreams don’t feel like dreams and you feel like you were actually there and a message was given to you this is when it is much more than a dream. This is source energy connecting with you. It may have bizarre elements to it, just so you will REMEMBER it. Remember the other realms do not work like ours, they are symbolic and have to be sure you will remember what is being shown to you. This is why some outlandish scenes can occur but don’t look past the main message and get trapped in the drama, it is only there so you will remember the message.
  • Heart palpitations and racing: this occurs as the heart speeds up to make room for the light body to take affect. As the light body takes effect our vibration increases, so our whole body vibrates faster.
  • Anger: I have not experienced this recently but I see and have heard about this from my clients and others. Today I had a man cut me off while driving in a parking lot and almost rammed the car that was backing out. Many of the cars had to completely stop for him. Yet he acted like I was the one doing something wrong. Then as we parked and I went into the store, a fight started up at the doorway between 2 other males that went on for some time until the store management came out and broke it up. As these energies intensify they will be especially difficult for those that have not done their shadow work and worked to release all their pain and anger from their past. It will now be coming to the surface – they will be faced with dealing with it.  Sacred Tip: Be careful if you are experiencing this aspect. Go to your sacred area and ask yourself what this anger is trying to show you. Go DEEP and feel the pain from the past so you can work to release it. This is the only way for it to be removed from your energy field, you must go back and relive it to be fully healed. If you feel you have released all of your past pain, you could be releasing more darkness for the collective. As more darkness is released, more light emerges.
  • Ascension Flu: Feeling aches and pains /fever as if you are catching the flu or a cold and yet it is not that. It never manifests into a full blow illness. It may last a few hours, a few days and then leave.
  • Bliss Feelings: Look for feelings of Bliss especially in the evenings after the sun goes down. Remember to stay in the moment of NOW to feel this and to honor all feelings, this is way to feel more and have heightened awareness of the streaming energy and waves coming in.


My husband and I have both had dreams the last 2 weeks during these surges of energy of being the opposite gender. He was busy checking his new female body and I was very uncomfortable in my experience. I was not comfortable in the male body, it felt empty and void. This is  because I am aware of what the 3D masculine is going through right now as they jump into their Divine role. They will first hit a stream of uncomfortableness as they dissolve their false ego 3D construct that they believed was real. This will leave them with nothing and they will need to start again as they step into their power as the protectors of women and children. This experience is to merge us with the Divine aspects of our other gender. It is no coincidence it happened to both of us in a short period of time. We regularly have things like this happen, we have seen MANY things from other dimensions at the same time.

(I will write more on this later about the aspect of soul merging with your partner)

Also there are time line edit events happening. For instance, I know I have experienced events before and they are not deja vu. It is not a feeling of something happening again, it is more complex. It is a feeling something happened but on a different timeline that I was in for a time and experiencing it. Then when I come back to this timeline there is a repeat and I remember it already happened somewhere else. I will ask others ‘ ‘didn’t this already happen” ?. They answer no because they have no awareness of it and it did not happen to them.

There is also the feeling and frustration in the wave of truth that has been coming in more intensely. This waves repels all lies and darkness. It has a built in BS meter and goes off loudly when we hear it. The best thing to do is to keep asking for the truth when a person tries to pull the 3d shady techniques. Eventually they will be forced to tell the truth or they will move out of your awareness.

Message from the Interplanetary Advanced Council of Light (The council of ETs that have appeared to me in person):

I was told by the council a few years ago that the future of humankind is in community. This is where we are headed now. This is what the LOVE movement was about in the 70s, it was a dress rehearsal for where we are headed.

We will be in communities all looking out for each other and working as one though the Source Creator and the Galactics. There will be psychics and seeers as myself in councils of LIGHT leading the way for humanity- bridging the gap between humanity and the galactics. This is the purpose of my ongoing galactic visits, to release fear from humanity about ETs. To bring back the sense of community in all of us of our Cosmic Unity. To understand we are all part of one big community of ETs.

We will have a leap of consciousness when this occurs so that everyone can understand what is taking place on a galactic scale. This is the pre cursor to all of that. This is why we are building the light body to join the ranks of our Comic sisters and brothers. This is or future. I know many have felt this for years as I have. We have a knowing and an awareness this is where we are headed. 

Psychic Tip: Remember to stay focused in the NOW. Do not get caught up in dates or predictions. You will then miss the energy waves and galactic invitations that ONLY happen in the NOW -not the future. We are moving out of the old paradigm of predictions and living fully in the NOW of the 5th to 12th dimension and above. This is so important to move into the moment of Now. Do it slowly for an hour a day, to try to do it all at once can be over whelming.




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