Blessings Everyone,

We are now at the very beginning of a NEW Timeline. This timeline is one of peace, joy and new Earth.

To join this timeline all we need to do is see this in our minds eye, our third eye. Focus on New Earth where everything is at peace and working as one. Harmony and LOVE abound on the entire planet. This is the timeline coming in, this is the new timeline we are creating.

I felt this timeline the night of the Eclipse on November 19th. I felt a huge wave flow through me of love, peace and joy. It’s  incredible to be able to feel these shifts in consciousness as I do.  The Creator has gifted me with being able to feel these for decades.

As I am one with the  Divine Creator, the Creator of all things has destined this new timeline and made me aware of it’s coming in the form of feeling it along with the love that exists inside of it. A portal opened for me to see inside. The Creator communicates with all of us, all we need to do is become one and then listen and feel.  The more you are in touch with your feelings, the more you will be able to communicate with the Divine Creation of all things.

With all of the upgrades happening in November and December this year… this catapultes and cements the new reality in place.

This timeline is for everyone, not just a few.

All negativity is removed from this new way of being. Only positive feelings and one with the Creator exist.

The lower timeline we have been on was never going to last. This was a temporary way of being to be able to reach more people and bring more people into higher awareness and the light.

We have had a glimpse of this lower timeline and it is not what we have chosen for ourselves and our loved ones.

The lower timeline is disintegrating right before our eyes.

Picture the disintegration and instead see the new timeline of peace , harmony and love to bring it fully into fruition. The more awakened souls do this technique the faster the timeline can fully come in.

I see the new timeline for myself, it is pure joy and love to behold. Christed Consciousness inhabits every being on the planet.

Two opposing timelines can not exist on the planet for long and this is what has been happening for the last year.

Now it is time to bring the timeline in that is waiting for all of us and is our destiny.