Shift in Progress, Starting January 3rd and Continuing.


Hello My Beloveds.

The morning of January 3rd we started an uplift in consciousness  known as the Shift into higher dimensional planes  As I write this January 6th evening it continues on. This means we are being downloaded with New consciousness to access higher levels of awareness.

The morning of January 3rd the symptoms were very much like what I wrote about on the night of the full moon.

  • Foggy head
  • Paralyzed feeling
  • Isolation Feeling
  • Agitation towards others if not left alone
  • Extreme fatigue
  • Seeing lots of spirits and interdimensional beings flashing in and out

I posted in my last full moon article about the Ascension Full Moon and how important is was to get into nature and release these energies that were coming on on the 3rd. I knew the full moon was going to be huge energetically and it has been. This was all about releasing the past and what does not serve us anymore. This is on a collective and personal level.

This has been a huge time of releasing. I mentioned that I saw some black areas around the moon that are being cleaned and refreshed.  The dark is being released and sent back to where it had come from. We can feel this on an energetic level. We can feel it deeply that change is now occurring.

Tonight I am getting electric shocks up my legs and this has not happened to me since the fall of 2012. I am getting some of the same intense symptoms the past month  I experienced back in the fall of 2012.  We experience these symptoms physically as well as on a conscious level of awareness. Our consciousness energetically tunes into these shifts. They expand and activate our DNA so that we can become high level masters and interdimensional in our consciousness. Many aspects are in play with this including our Galactic Star family, the Sun, the Central Sun , the Photon belt and the Creator.

I have been involved in this process for a very long time. I experienced in May of 2013 a near ascension. This means for 5 hours I was completely in the realm of the shift. I had various intense symptoms that lasted about an hour each. Each one building upon the next and ending up with me almost completely shifting out of this reality.  My body near the end was transforming into the light body. It was only stopped at the last minute as I decided I did not want to go without my family. These kind of experiences are very rare and of course a gift.

We have an intense time coming in right now so be in touch with your symptoms as this is the only true sign of knowing what is going on. The signs are the symptoms. There is nothing more important than this.


Ascension Expert, Spiritual Teacher, Star Being In Person Contactee, Psychic Clairvoyant Medium