Psychic Energy Update: Upgrades/ Downloads-Flares/Solar Storms Bring In Higher Awareness

Blessings Everyone,

Higher upgrades to our consciousness are coming in. These upgrades have been coming in the entire week with my last article about the X and M class flares wiping everyone out a few days ago.

Now we have more flares, very high solar wind at almost 600 ( normal is around 250 to 300) and Geo Magnetic storms caused from the solar wind and flares.

How does this bring us upgrades and downloads many ask me ? This is because when you wake up to higher consciousness we become super sensitive and can FEEL all of these that are taking place. While they many times have uncomfortable symptoms, they also bring in higher consciousness aspects.

While many are confused about what actually brings in higher consciousness, flares, high solar wind and, geo-storms are always in this category. There are many other ways to reach higher consciousness but that will come later.

The more sensitive we become the more we become ONE WITH ALL THINGS  in the Universe. This will include the Central Sun and our own Sun that these storms come from. The more we become one with all things in the Universe, the more we have access to the life giving Creator of all things. It is through and with the light giving Creator that we then become Creators and manifestors ourselves.

Here are some of the symptoms you may be feeling at this moment: ( we can not generalize about symptoms they are always unique )

  • Agitated
  • Overly¬† Tired
  • Intense and Psychic Dreams
  • Nausea

Love Diane