Psychic Energy Update: Pressure Is Building To Mass Consciousness Upgrade/ New Energy Arriving


Blessings Everyone,

Pressure is building for a mass consciousness upgrade explosion. Some of you may be able to feel this as the pressure builds.

It feels as if something is coming and the current reality will not sustain itself for long. How many feel this NEW ENERGY coming in? CanĀ  you feel this pressure building ?

I started to feel this a few weeks ago which I posted on my patreon page and it keeps building day by day. The way you can tune into this is by tuning in strictly to how you feel, deleting all outside influences and what they tell you to feel, which they do on a daily basis.

We have two opposing realities right now and many of us are straddling both at the same time. (If you only see one, it’s ok just work to raise your consciousness so you can see both šŸ™‚

With the awakening of the higher consciousness planes happening for over a decade now. It’s starting to reach it’s peak.

Do not let your vibration sink when confronting with the opposite reality that we see taking place now. This reality will not be staying.

Ascension and higher consciousness will win out. This is what has to happen in order for the balance to take place.

Part 2 coming next where I will be able to go into more detail about dark vs light…

Stay tuned.

Love DianeĀ