Merging with the Galactics for DNA Enhancements and Telepathic Attributes Solstice Event 12/21/22 – With Diane Canfield- In Person Contactee

Blessings Soul Tribe,

Diane will be hosting a Solstice Galactic Connection/Activation and MEDITATION Event on December 21st 2022. 

We have chosen this high energy day of December 21st Solstice for the purpose of connecting with your Galactic Family. Diane will also be activating all participants into the new galactic timeline.

Also, we have these high energy events happening all through December that add to these portal openings and new timeline:  


December 12/12 portal opening 

 December 21st portal New GALACTIC Timelines Appearing 






Diane has had IN PERSON contact with 5 different races of Aliens. These races make up the Interplanetary Advanced Council Of Light that Diane works with to advance humanity into the Galactic timelines. 

These races communicate with Diane telepathically to give guidance on how she can help humanity advance into the galactic timelines.

Diane will activate galactic gifts, upgrade DNA, heal, and advance everyone who participates to the new timelines. You will receive Diane’s Guided mediation which is encoded with all of these upgrades along with Diane going into a deep trance and connecting with each race of alien transferring all of these gifts to you.

 Each person will be activated whether they participate or not. The Timelines are already here and ready to step into for the coming exciting year. 

Connection Times 

Diane will be Connecting each participant at 12pm EST and 8pm EST time on December 21st. You can join in, but participation is optional and not required.  You will receive a meditation a few days before the event that will not load until 11:45 am EST on December 21st 

Click below to purchase your ticket to the paid event. Instructions for the event will be sent a few days prior to the event to the address on file with Paypal. If you would like them sent to a different email address please include that in the notes with the payment.

All participants who have registered will be connected whether they attend at the times listed or not. If you are purchasing as a gift for someone else, please include their name with your payment.

Only those with a ticket will be sent the instructions and connected.

Contact with any questions to talk to Diane’s assistant 

Required Reading For All Participants:

This is a remote/long distance CONNECTION event. It will take place from the comfort of your own home.

All are welcome worldwide including friends and family who may be in the 3D reality and need a little help 🙂 Purchasing for another person is absolutely welcome. All we need is their name to activate them.

Send an email to for the people whose names you want to add to the event. Be sure a ticket is purchased for them.

Check your PayPal email, this is where all instructions and correspondence from us will be sent for the EVENT. Be sure your PayPal address is checked for ALL instructions of the event. 

Instructions AND THE MEDITATION are sent out a few days before the event takes place.

Number of Tickets

Do not contact Diane she will be offline for this event 

If the buy now button above doesn’t work for any reason, please use this link to send $25 payment.