Higher Energy Flowing In/ Geo Magnetic Storms Spike For 4 Days

Blessings Everyone

We are experiencing 4 massive days of Geomagnetic Storms with intense solar wind. These are bringing in higher consciousness in a myriad of ways.

One of the main issues / symptoms you may be experiencing is lack of sleep. Another one is extreme hunger. You may notice this with your pets as well. I certainly have.

I have had lots of issues sleeping the past few nights. Trouble getting to sleep and then staying asleep. Lots of intense dreams taking place due to the higher consciousness derived from the geo storms and raising of consciousness.



Last night right when I got to sleep I noticed that the dream I was having was a continuation from the night before. In other words, where my dream left off the night before.. it completely continued into the next night. This is pretty bizarre in that dreams do continue in the same night but not  going into the next night after a full day  in between. I have never had this happen before. I was in a place surrounded by people I knew but not people I know here in this reality.  And what was happening was like nothing I experience here. I can not give details but I remembered this immediately upon waking.

I am also experiencing activations all over my body in different places. These feel like goosebumps or like crown chakra activations but not on the crown chakra.They are on the legs, the back , the ankles and the feet.

I had a extreme dream too the night before last. In this dream I was shown my animal guide/Totem who is working with me. This animal was with me my entire dream! The bizarre other thing about it is this animal does not exist here in the 3D realm. It was a cross between many different animals and very large. A cross between a cat, a dog and a bear and others. It was very big , white and fluffy with small black dots.  My animal totem/ guide was with me during the entire dream and I was best friends with it. Here is the other really bizarre part. When I woke up in the morning, I got out of bed and searched the house for this animal. I was very upset to find it doesn’t exist here. I literally went from room to room in my house tying to find it. This again has never happened to me before where a dream completely takes over my waking life even for the time it took for me to search my house!

You can see how realities can merge during these solar storms and upgrades that are occurring.!  This one has been very intense for me psychically and energetically. The intense dreams are showing we are shifting realities very fast now. Stay tuned for more-  Love Diane