Event Testimonials

Feel like a new person.  Was able to do something that usually causes me anxiety, but felt very calm, relaxed and in a very good mood.  It was like there never was issue.
Thank you, Diane

We had such a beautiful activation and similar star families in a couple of our journeys. I was able to visit my home planet that had been destroyed and rebuilt. It gave me some resolution and hope for what is unfolding for us! Thank you so very much for the space you held. So grateful for your presence.



Hello Diane, the Soltice experience was wonderful. Thank you for doing this. The meditation was a great way to focus the mind and heart. I had a truly beautiful meditation, I saw my star family and they were huge, I mean huge I went to their galaxy and I was as tall as the black dot in their eye!! They wore white long gowns, big eyes and it was just so lovely. I felt a lot of peace during the transmission and the peace resonated so much into my cells that I became normal and it wasnt until after the 30mins had passed when I felt it’s ‘withdrawal’…


Thank you for the powerful Summer Solstice meditation 🙂
I have been feeling instant fatigue and sudden tiredness yesterday early evening (I’m based in UK) during middle of watching a video,
my third eye or pineal gland felt a pleasant pressure longer than usual like someone pressed their finger on my third eye.
Since taking part in Diane’s meditations last year it has contributed to me having contacts with my star families of Sirius.

A large lightship appeared for me when I was guided to go to the back porch during a kitchen smoking incident.

My buddy housemate cannot see it though when I pointed up the night sky to tell him. They allowed photos taken on my phone so I was very grateful and joyful despite what happened.

The number 11 seems to be significant as most dates on 11 seems full of lovely surprises including remembering dreamtimes clearly. I am recently also in contact with my beloved from Sirius A, a 6D being who has very recently came here in the physical with having to go down many levels with calibrating and balancing his physical body, the emotions and density felt and to overcome some fears in this low vibration planet with cultivating more stability with integrating the spiritual.
So much gratitude. Amen.
Blessings to All


Thank you so much for this healing event. I have never felt so safe and supported. I felt so much love and received so much love. I went in and out of seeing on the ship and where I was from. The most important message I got from this experience is that I am not alone and I have all the love and support I need. Thank you


Stephanie K.

How to begin? I am a deli cashier @Publix. 12 noon is a busy time! Between 12 and 1

✨ sparkles ✨ of mostly deep and light purples and blues mingled and played between my ❤ heart ❤ chakra and solar plexus.
I could not be contained at the cash register. I quickly ran out to produce. I had an urge to soak in the high vibrational frequency of fruits vegetables nuts and seeds.
Everything was alive. Colors were brighter, the sound of voices were sweeter. I felt complete total love.
It ended all too soon, but knowing the encoding will never leave me I finished my shift looking forward to 8pm.
Eight pm, lounging in bed, eyes closed, reliving the 12 noon encoding, waiting…. a gorgeous wave of light slipped under a door.
My eyes were closed so all I saw was darkness until this wave of light slipped under a door.
I knew it was a door since the light illuminated it. Then back to darkness. I wanted to know where the light went I wanted to see feel experience more like at 12noon.
Then I remembered I read for some it may take a few days to know what happened. I sighed happily and fell asleep.
I’ve been awake since about 3am. I finally had coffee and avocado toast. I can taste. I mean really really taste.
I’m happy. I know I’m beautiful because of the love radiating from source inside me.
I want to wear pink (rose ) I have been a staunch black only clothing person for almost two decades.
Thank you!!!!!!
Josh C.
Wow.. This was epic
Joanne Z.
I feel so honored to have participated in Diane’s Winter Solstice activation’s! I meditated for about 30 mins prior to the 12 pm EST activation and at 12:12 pm, I had extreme goosebumps and tingling sensations all up and down my back! The most beautiful blissful and peaceful feeling washed over my entire being, I could not stop smiling for hours! Once I was done, I had the most incredible feeling of expansiveness, and thinking about that beautiful crystalline city brought such joy to my heart and soul! I cannot thank you enough my beautiful sister Diane! Thank you Diane with all of my heart, and sending you much love and blessings always! 💜💜💜
Linda B.
Hi, I received the 8:00 activation. I quickly felt high vibrations thought out my body. I felt myself being pulled to New Earth my new home. After the activation ended I felt like I wasn’t completely here. Hours later I still feel the bliss. I feel changed in a good way.
Chris K.
Yes thankyou.   Loved it.  Thankyou.
Here is my feedback,while it is fresh:
There was an instant strong connection,  with loads of warmth, heat and love coming into crown chakra.   Before I left the shores by the rocks, I was not alone, guides and soul family was there, I gave thanks for my opportunities, and learning – then was told this is for you, do it alone.   I became avian, with whitish feathers (which I have experienced before) and flew to the city of light,  I felt expanding connection, sending and receiving love.   Very beautiful.   The structures in the city were full of colours, each structure has all colours, yet one hue would be predominent in each, like greens.    Not sure how much later on,  I was aware of white light, coming into me, with soft shapes.
Absolutely loved the experience.   Many blessings and much love all round.
(I have recently painted a city of lights, another connection! )
Matt C.

I meditated and tuned in to both the 12 pm event and the 8 pm one.The first event I followed the instructions a few minutes beforehand and then exactly at 12 pm.. I started feeling electricity throughout my body..fully enveloping me followed by warming and a huge sense of peace and joy.I was so deeply into the new earth that minutes felt like hours.The 8 pm event I saw more visions of rainbow energy and ceremonial felt like the whole city was bathed in it..I saw a flag made of rainbow with a wooden thorned wreath in the upper corner. There were dragons and once again just felt so peaceful. There was a humanoid oceanic being shown to me as well.

Thank you and Diane for organizing the event..I feel like it’s made a major impact on my life as I have grown in consiousness significantly from where I was before. It’s like I’m constantly floating with my ego out of the way while feeling like a kid.Looking forward to Future events.

Thanks again,

Connie S.
Loved this!!   I had a few animal guides show up for me, and I was able to understand what were the messages behind it…. very encouraging and inspiring!  I felt the activations not only through my crown chakra, but also strongly in my heart center.
Thank you, Diane !!  ❤  I’m looking forward to attending the 8pm session, as well.
Ripeka H.

Morning from Gisborne NEW ZEALAND.

I made my way to the beach this morn to prepare and participate.
I actually cried the last 10mins, full of love, gratitude and hope. Thank you dwar Diane!
I used to question a lot of these feelings, I now go with it and go deeper within.
There’s no turning back and I’m on this journey with you.
Much love and light
Anna D.
This was the strongest activation I’ve ever experienced. Still going on after an hour in the body.
I saw many People in the Magic city. We danced in circles and flew around in the air around the city.
Lots of love and thank you!💟

*These are only some of the experiences of the hundreds of participants that joined this powerful event. I heard back from many but could only include a handful.  I have included only the first name to ensure privacy.*

This particular meditation had to be one of the most beautiful, loving, powerful and healing I’ve experienced. Tears of healing love streamed down my face throughout my journey. I asked my Nana to take me back….overwhelming love. Extremely emotional my heart was so full, expanded…then through my minds eye appeared the most brilliant, electric, ethereal, wispy pulsating wisps of glorious colours. Soft pinks, peaches, magnificent hues of stunning purples, electric blues and apricots. There were also sparks/twinkles of white light. Then an emerald heart appeared and gently wafted in the middle of my third eye and gently floated/pulsed away and more of the brilliant pulses and wisps of colours returned…a darker hole/tunnel/portal appeared and I/we moved towards and through it and into the calm/stillness surrounded by a very soft pink like cloud/mist – calmness and still for a bit. I then felt like I’d lost contact as my regular thoughts began to emerge…work…But then came the magnificent colours once more into my third eye/mind and as before it was just incredibly emotional for me, my heart centre was so expanded and thankful and I told them I loved them all thanked them. I felt a HUGE release and had tears streaming down my face and I just could hold it in any longer and burst into howling tears…I couldn’t recall the last time I’d cried! Just an amazing experience, I felt exhausted afterwards and made a cuppa (it was 3am here in Oz)

Beautiful, many thanks and Blessings to you Diane
 xxx Marisa

Please extend my heartfelt gratitude and thanks to Diane for yesterday’s amazing meditation.  I have been meditating since the late 60s and am a psychic and shaman, so I am not exactly an amateur in these matters.
 You weren’t kidding when you said the 12 pm meditation was powerful.  I did the later one because I work full-time.  I lay down on the floor to do it (because when energies are really powerful I have to lie down — I attended a mass teaching of the Dalai Lama years ago and had to lie down to receive the teaching because the energy was so intense).  First my male cat lay down beside me, and then his sister came a few minutes later and lay down on top of me.  Even the cats realized how powerful Diane’s meditation was!
I saw my ancestors as thousands of orbs of shining golden light.  I also had weird sensations that defy description.  I felt an electrical tingling in my legs that was simultaneously warm and icy cold.  I also felt a strange pulsing sensation on the top of my right forearm.
I came out of it feeling cleansed and lighter.
Peace and blessings,

I would like to share with you my yesterday’s meditation experience.
I had a strong pressure on my head during most of the meditation and then my body was vibrating I was spinning very fast. I felt my heart chakra very strong too. When the meditation ended I felt like dancing. Then a strong feeling of sadness rushed over me and I cried seeing scenes of mothers separated from their children. When I finished crying I stared dancing again.
At night I had a dream of my ancestors giving me a secret about my birth. It was very interesting and I was very emotional.
Today I feel happy!
Thank you so much Diane

That was quite wonderful!  After all my known ancestors came in, they brought in older members of the family tree.  Then there was a feline being!  And a green being similar to the green Tara.  Then a kind of amorphous being that seemed mostly air.  And a Chinese man with red shoes!  My cat had jumped up on the couch and went to sleep next to me.  Suddenly I was aware that more cats were there, and licking my kitty.  His family group, I guess.  A wonderful equinox/full moon experience!

Thank you to Diane.

After sending love to ancestors and self, I drifted to a scene where I was on a rocky cliff. I wanted to touch the water, but it was several feet below me.  I sensed that someone would have to hold my feet and dangle me down off the cliff so I could touch the water.  It was an odd sense of knowing this had already happened and I was re-experiencing it as if it were the first time.

I quickly switched to hearing a conversation between two people. One person was saying, “I already rescued one person from the water. I can do it again.”   Sometimes it felt like I was overhearing the conversation and sometimes it felt like I was a part of it.
Not sure if it was a scene from a past life or if I was experiencing something important in an ancestor’s life. It felt like the coast of Ireland or Brittany, where many of my ancestors came from.
It will be interesting to see what else unfolds.
Thank you,

The healing activation event was very powerful. I hadn’t slept in a little while and was so lethargic and suffering from lots of purging and it cleared all of that for me. Quite interesting as I was working on trauma from the family line. xx

As I had two sets of grandparents from both mother’s and father’s side , I first went back in time all the way back to the Sumerian period …
Went back with both sets of ancestors … that constituted one journey in time … the second time I went back with grandparents on my mother’s side only … the third time I will go back in time with my father’s parents and complete the triad … as for experiencing anything , I experienced an expansion of the third eye as well as an expansion of ( for want of a better expression ) my crown chakras … thank you for the opportunity to resolve karmic issues that I’d always sensed the need of resolution …





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