I help people to realize their Star family connections.

I have in person encounters with many different races of star beings and this is ongoing. I realize this is very rare.

All my experiences are always positive and I teach others how to see them, interact with them and how to experience them for themselves.

This is the greatest leap of consciousness happening on the planet right now.

We do not need to wait for first contact it is already here.

I have had many contacts with all different ET races.

My most recent was being taken by Blue Ray Beings who are from the 12th dimension, they took me for 3 consecutive nights on a project I worked with them on. It was fantastic and I wish they would take me every night.

I have seen many UFO’s , my first one was in 2000 and that prompted me to investigate my connection with them from my childhood. This one was a huge mother ship in broad daylight.

They can be seen in the day just as well as the night, if a person has a high enough vibration.

I have missing time in 2 cases from my childhood, so I now know I was with the beings from other star systems.

Anyone can have an experience interacting with our Star Family, they just need to raise their vibration high enough to be able to see and connect with them. I can teach you how.