Energy Update: Solstice Waves Coming In Now

By Diane Canfield

Blessings Beloveds,

Last night I felt massive Crown chakra activations from about 1130 to 1230. They cascaded completely down one side of my head, the left side as always. For those that may not know what these feel like, it feels like GIANT goosebumps on your head. It feels good, it has a refreshing kind of feeling, a sensation of FEELING connected to the HIGHER realms and beyond 3D. We know that someone fully engulfed in 3D will NOT feel these kind of activations, so we know this is a sign of reaching higher consciousness among the others signs that exist. I have been experiencing them off and on this Solstice week as the ones who follow me know and have read my recent articles. 

Then later, I was shown an avalanche of faces that turned from one face into another. This has happened before with many faces turning into half animal as they go by me one by one.

I am always an observer to these other dimensional experiences as I learned long ago how to handle them/ adapt to them and integrate them.

I have been told I seem very matter of fact when I explain the things from other dimensions I experience and this is because I have been experiencing them for so long, 2 decades now. For me it is a way of life.

These are Solstice related activations coming in as tomorrow is the December Solstice. Work to prepare yourself tonight as the energy is already making itself known.

Work on relaxing before tomorrow and see if you can tune into the Energies that are already here. Wake up tomorrow refreshed and ready to receive what the Universe has to offer. Look for signs from the Universe, it communicates many times through symbols for those that have not made the jump to hearing the Universe yet.

There is still time to JOIN my WORLDWIDE SOLSTICE Event tomorrow, JOIN the hundreds who have already JOINED, this is going to being a massively BIG event. The more who Join, the more Unity Consciousness is formed for 2019 which will be a POWERFUL year in Ascension.