Energy Update: Light Encoded Waves/ Mandela Effects/ Leaving Body

By Diane Canfield

Blessings Everyone,

Wave Energy and Symptoms

I wrote a few days ago/September 5th on my facebook page about the New energy waves coming in and causing me and others intense symptoms. The next day everything was great and the symptoms were gone, then yesterday they came back with a vengeance. I thought I had better make a more official article, so more can be aware of what is taking place.The ore we share this information, the better as it uplifts everyone into new timelines when they realize the reality that is taking place.

A few days ago the energy wave that came in was intense, I felt I was about to leave my body all day. I was super fatigued and could not get up to do anything or go anywhere. I felt otherworldly and as if I was leaving my body about to take on a new one. Honestly, this did not feel the best, but as I teach I went to my sacred area/ground until I felt better.

Then yesterday September 7th a similar wave came in and this time was even more intense. I felt like a zombie, could not think, could barely talk and what I describe as loopy. I was driving early in the day as I had a lunch invite with my assistant to attend.  I could barely drive back home. I could not move much when I got back home, excused myself and had to stay in my sacred area until very late when I started to finally come out of it.

Today has been slightly the same thing with headaches arriving and tiredness but not as extreme as the last 2 days I described.

Clearing More Layers Of Accumulated Unathenticness 

Why is this happening at this time ? We are clearing now the VERY deep layers of unauthenticness that is still embedded deep within us. These are light codes arriving to clear these last remnants of darkness and inauthentic programming from us. It is happening to many people on the planet at the same time. This is how we move through dimensions, by clearing out what does not belong to us and has been put on us by the 3D reality we have been in.

Light Codes Arriving

Light codes arrive after these times of extreme symptoms. The body has to be cleared out for New Light codes to arrive. Some can manage these light codes and others can not. This is why I have Events 4 times a year to make sure everyone can access these New Light Codes. As the codes arrive, many unique upgrades will take place.

Some of these upgrades that take place.

Everything looks brighter in nature. More deep and new tones of colors are appearing.

Animal communication can increase.

As we move higher in consciousness in dimensions, all psychic senses are upgraded. There are no longer limits on anything.

Your pets will seem more attentive to you and be able to follow your language much easier.

You will find manifestation much easier and quicker.

You will have positive experiences that could not have taken place just a few weeks before.

Mandela Effects

Your psychic skills will increase along with Mandela effects being reported.

The newest Mandela Effect that took place just this week are:

Valerie Harper /August 30th death

Peter Fonda/August 16th death

Rip Torn /July 9th death

Honestly, there could be others but these are the recent ones that I know have died already, at least 2/3 times that I am aware of.

What to do to remember the past timelines when all timelines are converging? When I post about these deaths, put them very hard into your memory and try to remember for next time.

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Diane Canfield is a Psychic Clairvoyant Medium who Communicates with those that have passed over in her client sessions and also gives psychic readings and healings. She is a Prophetic Visionary and Transformational Healer. She is a Psychic Diviner Catalyst for change, not only in people's lives but in the building and creation of the New Earth as well. She psychically tunes in and heals others through her clients sessions, articles, special events, and videos. As a Prophetic Visionary knowing information beyond this realm. She travels through many different realms at the same time. She lifts Humanity to higher levels of Consciousness through her extensive knowledge of the unseen and unknown. She is in constant communication with higher realms of consciousness and beings who reside there.