Energy Update- Geomagnetic Storm in Effect Which Enhances Ascension.

By Diane Canfield


Dear Beautiful Souls,

We have a geomagnetic storm taking place which will most likely go through tomorrow also. The solar wind is coming in at a very high speed causing the storm to take place. We have no flares and have none of any consequence recently.

Today you may have felt chaotic and some anger may have surfaced. This then turned into a feeling of peace and love when it passed through. We can transmute these energies now as they pass through us. We now have the capabilities to do so. We can quickly go from one stage to the next and this is what is needed to evolve.

Currently we are witness to the dark ones being deleted from the planet as the LIGHT takes over. This is part and parcel within the Ascension process as things must increase in LIGHT and awareness before full ascension can take place. Only when the darkness is deleted will the LIGHT be able to shine as bright as it needs to for the Ascension process to be able to kick into the next level of awareness and expansion.

We just passed through the eclipse portal and that brought us closer to our goal. Many experienced the shift we went through on February 22nd. Although I was sick and could not post about it, I was still able to feel the energy wave that came in.

All of these waves, geomagnetic storms and upgrades prepare us to ascend even higher now as the dark continues to come to the surface and leave the planet.

Removing conditioning and programming is now paramount to the Ascension process. Everyone has mind control programs that have been running and these all will need to be removed to be able to become our authentic self which is what Ascension is all about. I have added my latest interview below where I talk about removing programming, conditioning and illusions from our consciousness.