Energy Update: Full Moon Energy, Time Slows Down

Blessings Beloveds,

Happy Full Moon !


The energy over the past few days has been completely blissful and high energy. I noticed this the most today. I am literally buzzing today!  This happens many times after we have completed a round of upgrades from energy coming in. We had this round last week, as I talked about in my last article here.

Bizarre dreams happening as well due to the Full Moon Energy. These dreams do not make any sense and completely strange.

Blurry eyes continue and now…

New Symptom   pain in eyes that lasts a few second and then goes away. What is this? eyes recalibrating to the light body and higher dimensions… clear sight.

Time has been slowing down the past few weeks as well. What does this mean? Time slows down as we speed up our vibration. If you are new to ascension you may find time speeding up and slowing down at different times but lately time has been slowing down in my reality. This has been ongoing for about a month now.

As we rise to a higher vibration, time will seem to slow down because our vibration is much higher than the energy of the 3D reality. How do I know this? Partly because of my Near Ascension Experience of 2013 where I almost completed ascended out of this reality and into the next one. When I came back, everything seemed much slower and as if I was in the reality of slow motion . My entire body was vibrating so fast, it was  awesome !

Full ascension will be just like this, a beautiful uplifting experience that leaves everyone with a super high vibration !



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