Asheville: A City of Divine Feminine Energy and My Experiences

Blue Ridge Mountains

By Diane Canfield

As many of you know I went to Asheville, NC before Hurricane Irma to compare the Vortex Energy with Sedona Energy. We ended up being delayed there when Irma struck giving us more time to check out the energy of the city and surrounding areas.

I have made many trips to Sedona over the years staying for weeks at a time and even living there for one full year in 2003/2004 before it became so widely recognized as an energy center. I was called at that time to go there just as this time I was called to see what energy existed in Asheville. I have also been to Mt. Shasta having visited there many years ago. I have also visited many vortex locations in others states and Europe.

Asheville has an energy that is very subtle and I what I would describe as  Divine Feminine because it is not an ‘in your face’ energy like Sedona. Mt. Shasta also has this energy of a subtle mountain energy that grows on you over time.


My grandsons at the visitors center looking at the view of Mount Mitchell from about 4,000/6,000 feet up.


I was supposed to be in Asheville just a few days to check the energy out but this is not what the Universe wanted. It wanted me to stay longer and experience the many things I could not have experienced just after a few days. I would also recommend this to others planning a trip there, make it for longer than shorter so the full energy can sink in.

Driving into Asheville is a winding road that takes you curving up to over 2000 feet in elevation. Higher elevations are known for producing more spiritual effects within the consciousness when the person is evolved to be able to access these and recognize them when they occur. The many mountain ranges surrounding Asheville can be close to 7000 feet in elevation. There are mountains surrounding the entire town which makes it a majestic experience.

Amazing farms at Hendersonville, NC

The spiritual energy in Asheville is subtle and has a way of growing on you. All the vortexes are located within the mountains that are close by, within 30 minutes to a few hours. The energy tends to build the longer one is there. Once leaving it calls you back. This is the case with many higher energy locations.


Blue Ridge Mountains from the Parkway

The following experiences I had were very unique to Asheville. I have many psychic and paranormal experiences and they are all unique including these. No two experiences are ever the same. What I feel and the experiences I have are based on my experiences as a psychic clairvoyant, this may not be what everyone experiences.

When I was there I had many instances of seeing BOLD Auras around people. These were very bright and would pop in when I was talking to the person.  I see auras but never so bright, blunt and long lasting. It’s a little distracting to talk to strangers with a bright halo surround their face of different colors. This happened quite a few times while there while talking to others at restaurants and shops. One persons aura was bright purple and covered the whole outline of her face. I blinked my eyes repeatedly because as I said I see auras but not like this. One other was bright blue and the colors were something out of this dimension. Too bight and bold to be seen in this reality.

Another time we stopped at a restaurant in Asheville and when we were about to go inside, I had a feeling that we should go somewhere else because I saw an electrical outage occurring. We decided to go in anyway, and as soon as we went in, the lights started flickering, but they were able to take care of it quickly and we had a great meal. The waitress told us this had been happening off and on all day.

These clairvoyant experiences were so easy. It took no effort on my part to tune into anything. It was refreshing to have these kind of psychic experiences and have them flow through me with no effort on my part.

Sliding Rock

A separate occasion my daughter was on the internet and we were discussing Irma. She was telling me how they were no longer selling gas in gas cans and we both looked at each other shocked as to why. Remember we had been out of the hurricane zone for days by then. I told her it must be because people were taking them and gouging the price of gas to sell to others. The minute I said this she refreshed the page and that is exactly what it said. Now I have never heard of anyone doing this before, it was just told to me from the higher realms after she told me the story of what was going on. This is effortless psychic tuning in when this occurs and it is amazing when it happens.

The energy of Asheville grew stronger the longer I was there as opposed to the energy of Sedona which is ‘in your face’ energy the moment of hitting the city limits as we have always experienced. Sedona energy is all inclusive for me the minute I come into the city limits.

Looking Glass Falls at Mount Pisgah

In Sedona there are 7 main vortexes while in Asheville there are 24. Some of the vortexes we went to while there were, Sliding Rock, Looking Glass Falls, Mount Mitchell, Mount Pisgah and Black Mountain.

If you get to go to Asheville, check out some of the other places we didn’t get to go to like Max Patch, Craggy Falls on Mount Mitchell.  In Sedona it is easy to access the vortexes they are all around the city. In Asheville the vortex energy is further into the mountains and takes a longer drive outside of Asheville to get there, but they are very worth the drive. Very secluded and peaceful.

Beautiful artwork on the buildings in Asheville which are all over the city 🙂


The energy of both places is great. It just depends on what kind of energy someone is looking for and what they can feel. This aspect is very important because the higher someone vibration is the more they will be able to feel and access in other dimensions.

In Sedona I can feel the energy just driving into the city. Then upon going to each vortex point we felt a different energy. In Asheville there is an overall subtle feeling that takes a while to settle in and grew stronger the longer I was there. Yet as I said psychic clairvoyant experiences flowed smoothly with no effort for me.

Some of the great features of Asheville include, the downtown area, the music playing downtown everywhere, dogs are allowed almost everywhere, including grocery stores, there is a huge drum circle on the weekends downtown where kids are allowed and it’s amazing to watch and take part in.  The drums are heard throughout the entire city and people gather in all places outside for socializing. The fantastic restaurants, the family friendly atmosphere, the eclectic attitude, local artists  and  southern charm are all something very attractive about Asheville.  There are many unique restaurants that cater to vegan and gluten free clientele, this was a real treat for me since in most other location this aspect is limited.  The downtown area has sections where it very much reminded me of NY with its alleyways, restaurants and brick design.

I will write another article soon on Sedona Energy and all of my psychic experiences there which are many since I also lived there. I am sure for me it would be the same in Asheville if I spent more time there or lived there.


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