Accelerated Energies Bring In Precognitive Vision/Other Dimensional Being/Guides/Ascended Masters


 Blessings Beloved Tribe,

I love it when I have precognitive visions that come true within a few hours and beings show up from another dimensions. This literally ALWAYS makes my day. This week I experienced many psychic experiences which I chose to share with my audience so that others can see what is possible for humanity to experience.

Precognitive Vision

I was shown a vision of a boy crying and wanting to go home. This boy was stuck somewhere where there was no food and he had no money. It was an outdoor area of some kind. This vision was extremely Intense and impactful to me as visions like this that come in and are important always have a strong emotional component to them. I felt what the boy felt and felt incredibly sad for him. I did not want him to suffer and felt terrible he was in that situation, especially with no food. His main focus was he was hungry and had no money to buy food.

As it happened my daughter was taking my grandsons to a special event at an airboat ride company the morning of my vision taking place. My grandsons had been given a special invitation to be in an educational ( and more) commercial for the airboat company, which seemed like a fun adventure for both of them. They were both excited to be able to participate.

After my early morning vision took place, I messaged my daughter and told her that I had seen a boy stuck with no food, and wanted to remind her to get food for my grandsons before dropping them off for the commercial. I didn’t know how long they would be there or the food situation there. My daughters friend and her boys had also been invited to participate and she was meeting them at the location. My daughter stopped for food as she listened to what I had told her I saw.

All day then I thought about this vision, which when they come in always mean something and have relevance for me.This is something I put great importance on as I know I need to pay attention. When they got home later in the day, I asked about what had happened wondering if something similar to my vision had happened to one of my grandsons or someone else there.

My daughter told me that neither grandson had this vision happened to them ( remember she stopped for food) but that her friends son has this exact meltdown happen to him while at the airboat ride. He basically was so upset he didn’t want to stay there and was hysterical. He had not eaten before being taken there and there was no food and he was starving. Remember my daughter did not tell her friend about my vision. I am sure now in the future, my daughter will remind her of this event and it will not happen again.

The meaning of this and all the visions I have is that when we have a connection to the higher realms and Source energy, all things are possible and we can be given information about events before they occur as in this case. This has far reaching and important implications to all of life and how we view it. I can not stress enough how important real experiences are out of this dimension. This is how we become a multidimensional being of light. This is how the Ascension process takes place, by evolving ourselves to the point we can experience these kind of things.

Being From Other Dimension 

I was watching a nature show on tv, about a body of a girl that was recently found from the bronze age. This girl was 16 and had crossed Germany and went into Denmark over 3 times through thick brush on her journey. They had discovered her body on a farmers land, buried in a mound. The way she was buried was indicative of royalty, with her burial items found and the state of her burial casket.

When I was watching this show, on the side of the tv I saw a white cloudy bubbly object appear. It appeared on the back of the tv and to the side. It seemed to be waving, trying to get my attention. I looked at it a few times, trying to decipher what it was. It only lasted a few minutes and then was gone. Could this be the spirit of the girl who I was watching the show about ? Yes it is possible.

This is how it works being connected to more than one dimension at the same time. A person may see the actual spirit of the person they are watching a show about. This is why it is important to always pay attention to whatever you see, no matter where you are and to not discount that the universe is always talking to you, whether you are paying attention or not. Think of it as an interactive game, where the universe gives you clues to evolve you to see if you will pick up on them.

Bright White Lights Hovering Around Others

I saw my husband standing in the doorway to a room and over him was a bright light dancing around his head. I stared at it for a while, while we were talking. This happens very often to me and has picked up intensity recently.

What are these Bright lights?

These lights are guides and ascended masters that I am able to see. They appear because some of us can see into other dimensions and see what is really there but most can not see. This is a sign if you experience the same thing, you are able to see into other dimensions. If you experience this you can take this experience and develop it into something more and something greater by working hard to evolve yourself.

All of these experiences can happen when your third eye is open. How do you open it? It is a complex process. The first step you might take is to look for truth in every thing you give your consciousness to. Do not let anything but TRUTH in and discard everything else.

Stay tuned for more exciting psychic updates:)

In Service and Love


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