Blue Ray Equinox Event



Blessings Soul Tribe, 

Diane brings forth the Blue Ray energy to every participant as a way to heal the world and to upgrade each participant into the world of the Galactics that is fast approaching. 

Diane will be hosting a 3/19/24 Blue Ray EVENT on The March Equinox. We have chosen this high energy day of March 19th for the purpose of connecting with the Blue Ray. Diane will be opening up her connection through a portal to the Blue Ray to connect everyone to their Galactic DNA.

Diane will :

  • Unlock Visitation Of Blue Ray and other galactic races for you 
  • Open a portal to the Blue Raythat will merge you with them 
  • Provide a guided meditation with encoded words and music that will help to open your portal to the Arcturians 
  • Through The Blue Ray you will have access to other extraterrestrial races 
  • Upgrade your DNA to access other galactic races 
  • Heal the aspects of you that are holding you back from contact 
  • Activate you to be able to have galactic experiences of your own
  • You will have options to purchase other items to enhance your experience 

The Blue Ray


Diane has been visited IN PERSON by the Blue Rays and has the special privilege of keeping in contact with them as they are in the Advanced Council of Planetary light with the other 4 races of Extraterrestrials Diane has been visited by. The Blue Rays are one of the highest consciousness beings that exist in the Extraterrestrial world. They want peace, harmony and freedom for mankind as they were among those that seeded Earth with Life itself. All Humans have Blue Ray DNA within them and light codes that exist within themselves ready to be activated when the New Extraterrestrial World Is Near 

The special Blue Rays upgrade will be timely as we are entering a period of great uncertainty for many. This will help ground you and keep you focused on the beauty that is still to come. 

This event is remote and will take place in the comfort of your own home. Everyone worldwide is welcome to join. Check your time zone for current times of the event.  There will be nothing else needed for you to do but just relax and enjoy.

Diane has been guided to use specific crystals for this event, look below to purchase the crystals that are used and Diane has encoded with healing and Arcturian Energy. 


March 19th Mediation Event 

Connection Times 

Diane will be opening the connection to the Blue Rays for each participant at 12 pm EDT and 8pm EDT time on March 19th. You can join in, but participation is optional and not required.  

Click below to purchase your ticket to the paid event. Instructions for the event will be sent a few days prior to the event to the address on file with Paypal. If you would like them sent to a different email address please include that in the notes with the payment.

All participants who have registered will be connected whether they attend at the times listed or not. If you are purchasing as a gift for someone else, please include their name with your payment.

Only those with a ticket will be sent the instructions and connected.

Contact with any questions to talk to Diane’s assistant 

Required Reading For All Participants:

This is a remote/long distance  event. It will take place from the comfort of your own home.

All are welcome worldwide including friends and family who may be in the 3D reality and need a little help 🙂 Purchasing for another person is absolutely welcome. All we need is their name to activate them.

Send an email to for the person(s) names you want to add to the event. Be sure a ticket is purchased for them. Check back to this page for instructions above. 

Check your PayPal email, this is where all confirmation from us will be sent for the EVENT. 

Do not contact Diane she will be offline for this event instead contact Diane’s assistant at 

Click the Paypal Button Below To Purchase your Tickets. Diane will be healing each person by their name, so if you want to purchase a ticket for someone else, that’s fine, just email the name to


Tickets are $30 Each. Check below for add on options and a combination ticket price.

For this event, Diane is also offering a few add on items. Please read below and click the add to cart button if you would like to purchase. You must buy your ticket to the event to add on other purchases. 

(Note: Extra shipping fee for crystals sent out of the USA/ contact us for pricing )

$50- Access to a SPECIAL Channeled Message from the Blue Ray with a personalized message from them for you which will include the Alien Race you come from! Diane will email this to you some time after the event.  


$50- 15 Minute Blue Ray Healing. This will take place after the event and is a remote healing.  


$60- 15 Minute Psychic Reading. This will take place after the event.       Special pricing for event only…:)


$30- Fire Quartz Crystal Encoded with Blue Ray Energy. Diane will use the crystals during the event, and will personalize them with healing energy. Crystals are Fire Quartz and vary is size and shape, but the photo shown is approximate. These will be shipped to your mailing address after the event.  If you are out of the country please email before purchase, because shipping will be an additional charge. 

$40- Selenite Crystal Encoded with Blue Ray Energy to be used as an amplifier to connect with the Galactics, and specifically the Arcturians. Diane will be super charging this crystal during the event and personalizing for you. If you are out of the country please email before purchase because shipping will be an additional charge.



 Special Price ! Combo Ticket $180.00

This purchase will include:

1 Ticket to the event

1 Blue Ray Channeled Message

1 -15 min Arcturian Healing

1 -15 Minute Psychic Reading 

1 Encoded Fire Crystal


Event Testimonials

I am so thrilled for Diane’s events… I join every one and have such great out of body experiences with her unique guided meditations ! Thank you.. Elise R.

I want to thank you for doing these events every 3 months. I go to all of them and Include my family members. The last one I experienced leaving my body and I was in such a deep meditation I was able to see the orb and ship that was brought in through the portal. AWESOME ! Thank you so much ! Carolyn D.

I want to share some of my experience during the solstice event! During the mediation I was so relaxed I did not want to come out of it ! During that time my passed on mother showed up to me smiling. I am so blown away… Blessings for all you do… MaryW.

Diane! Your events are awesome ! I never miss one and have all of my family members join… i just love them ! Rachel S.

Hello Diane, the Solstice experience was wonderful. Thank you for doing this. The meditation was a great way to focus the mind and heart. I had a truly beautiful meditation, I saw my star family and they were huge, I mean huge I went to their galaxy and I was as tall as the black dot in their eye!! They wore white long gowns, big eyes and it was just so lovely. I felt a lot of peace during the transmission and the peace resonated so much into my cells that I became normal and it wasn’t until after the 30mins had passed when I felt it’s ‘withdrawal’… S.